Supergirl, ‘The Faithful’: A Cult of Kara is Just as Creepy as it Sounds

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 4, “The Faithful”

Another week, another predicament Supergirl can’t merely punch her way out of. Kara’s conundrum is exploration of faith and fanaticism, which is an unusual choice for an action show to make. In the end, the whole thing is a wrapping for the continuing evolution of Mystery Single Mom Samantha.  Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop: The first time Supergirl saved the National City on CBS, there were more people on that plane than Alex Danvers. One of those folks was a down on his luck schmoe named Thomas (played by Chad Lowe). Thanks to his wing window seat, he got a good look at Kara as she was doing her thing. In the two years following, he’s created a cult made exclusively of people rescued by Supergirl. It hits Kara’s radar after one of the members approaches Samantha with a pamphlet (Remember daughter, Ruby has been saved by Supergirl twice) with a symbol of the Kryptonian god Rao on it. Kara covertly attends a meeting/service and recognizes everyone in attendance. While creepy, it’s not necessarily illegal. Trouble arises when prospective members start creating dangerous situations in the hopes that Kara will rescue them and make them “worthy.”

Anything new?:  Not lot of new ground covered here. Samantha is struggling with the demands the Single Mom part of being a Mystery Single Mom bring. Jimmy continues to be useless. Lena is still smitten with Kara.

What about the action:  Cult leader, Thomas appears to have received his knowledge of Kryptonian religion from a deep space probe he discovered. To bring his cult to a wider following, he rigs said probe to explode in the basement of an arena full of hockey fans. The cultists believe Supergirl is infallible, but quickly lose faith when the probe, which has Kryptonite in it, saps Kara of her strength. Alex gets rid of the Kryptonite portion of the probe/bomb, Kara musters enough power to burn a hole through a mile or so of bedrock, and Alex and Thomas push the probe down the hole where it safely explodes.

Therapy is always an option:  After seeing some adorable moppets do a dance number in homemade Supergirl costumes and hearing Ruby sing a selection from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Alex has a breakdown and tells her feelings … to the wrong person. Alex spills her feelings to Kara, but quietly slips into bed with Maggie, without so much as a word about wanting children. Sanvers is as doomed as Krypton.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: Our hopeful ending with everyone reconnecting with their faith is interrupted by Samantha having a spooky vision of herself covered in small symbols, and a face-changing hooded figure talking about Rao, and destiny, and all that strange stuff. Seems like the probe didn’t explode so safely after all. It sent some sort of energy wave that jump-started the systems on the underwater alien spacecraft we caught a glimpse of in the season premiere, and it’s woken up something that appears to not exactly be friendly.

Last impressions: This was an odd episode; not necessarily bad, just odd. It actually reminds me of the anti-gun episode of Arrow last season, in that Supergirl‘s exploration of faith and blind trust plumbs some interesting depths, but it doesn’t really go anywhere with it, or draw any meaningful conclusions beyond “cults are bad.” The episode does continue this season’s tendency to take the long way around. All the philosophical navel gazing was just a vehicle to introduce the space probe that starts the chain of events, that jump starts the meat of Mystery Single Mom’s arc for this season.

Craig Wack

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