We Were Cool on Craze: Mr. Robot, ‘eps3.3_m3tadatapar2’

Last time; We learned what Tyrell has been up to and cleared up a few lingering mysteries about his reappearance.

But before that, Elliot broke into Darlene’s apartment, and might be about to out her as an FBI contact.

Darlene rides the subway in her Lolita shades, wakes from a nap, and finds her wallet gone. The whole train is sleeping, but for one girl with rose pink hair. She looks so much like Daveigh Chase. Darlene confronts her, though she only wants a Polaroid she keeps in there. Darlene figures she stole from ‘everyone’ herself, and basically admits to the girl she’s behind 5/9 and then … that murder she did. Um, Darlene, bb, shut the fuck up. Rose Hair is like ‘……….’ while, Darlene gets off at her stop.

We’re back with Dom, replaying her return to the watch-house, and her noticing the Comet Electricals truck. Only this time we stay outside and watch Elliot approach Darlene’s basement apartment. He checks her post and bins for meta data, the ‘story behind the data’, not the information itself, but who made it, and why. Upstairs Dom is figuring out the email was a trap, and that Elliot has followed them home. This time we stay with them while they worry about Darlene coming home, and Dom calls her quickly to warn her. Too bad Darlene’s phone is on the table. Other FBI guy panics and wants to bring Elliot in, but Dom doesn’t want to burn the link. Dom smoothly heads outside and intercepts a returning Darlene, warning her to follow at once without acting weird. But Darlene, with the posture of someone Done With This Shit just goes into her damn place to see her damn brother.

Elliot waits at her kitchen table, curious as to how and when Darlene got, and can afford this very nice apartment. She wants him gone; he drops something … like a signal disrupter or noisemaker. He wants her to leave with him but she won’t, so he asks why she’s hacking him with the bug she left in his screen.

She calls him out for having hurt her and Elliot is quietly horrified with himself, reassures her he is Elliot. He promises he won’t  hurt her, while upstairs Other FBI Guy bugs, and calls Dom.

Darlene appears to be winning the verbal sparring match downstairs, leaning on her fear of Robot as why she’s been distant, and entirely distracting Elliot from the still pressing matter of her $600,000 apartment, when she’s an unemployed, college kid, criminal hacker. Damn she’s good. That said, she does very honestly point out how he wouldn’t talk to her for a while, so what else could she do but take care of herself? She asks if Robot is working with Dark Army,  and Elliot wants to show her something.

Cut to Irving getting ribs for breakfast and explaining why it’s so great, while Angela waits with more patience than any human, ever. She finally asks what he called her here for. She blithely chats up how easily she can drop possible followers and tails now. Irving lets her know Stage 2 is a go for September 29th, ten days from now, so she needs to have the kids ready to to go. She wonders out loud about the shipping delays and Irving, hilariously, tells her to let Elliot fix it. Angela insists on knowing the building will be evacuated. He lies it will.

Angela leans in and asks ‘Did Whiterose ever show you?’ He looks up knowingly and says yes. She asks if he believes in ‘It’. Irving talks about how advanced technology is now, so much so that his delicious ribs could never have been this delicious 100 years ago. They could be grown in a lab for all he knows. Angela is not impressed with the damn ribs but Irving’s point is ‘Anything is Possible’.


Elliot and Darlene are at his place, which is trashed. She asks if Robot did it, but it was Elliot, deep cleaning. He sits at his laptop and explains he’s still trying to stop the hack. Darlene asks if Tyrell is involved and Elliot says he has to be, and then technobabbles so Darlene closes the laptop, and asks why he doesn’t just take all his evidence and send it to the Feds. Why?

Elliot shrinks a little and then admits, haltingly, he wants to be the one who finds them, see where this leads, and something inside him won’t let it go. Darlene asks him to go back to the other night when he said he wanted to stop it. He’s there, so she asks him how. He shows her (oh, my heart) Shayla’s still vacant apartment, for which he has keys. Darlene will watch him at night and follow if Robot goes to Tyrell. Elliot is profoundly uncomfortable, but Darlene assures him she’s there for him. D’aaaaw. Elliot quietly says that whatever Robot does is not Elliot; Darleneknows. D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

At a house, some guy in boxers eats cereal and watches Love Actually. He ignores a ringing phone and checks his windows, then dives out of frame. SWAT kick his door in and we see him kneeling, wearing an Fsociety mask.

Elliot is at work and wonders if Tyrell had killed him, would it all have stopped? He’s having a mini panic attack at his desk, while he talks about how Robot is going to do terrorism and it excites Elliot. His moment is interrupted by Angela, a vision in white and cream, who asks what something on his screen is. He lies, very poorly, about it, but Angela just asks if he’ll be at an office party that night.

Dom interviews the Wannabe Fsociety guy that got arrested  — the guy presumably given the log in to post the crappy videos, for, I’m guessing, this exact purpose — to get arrested. He’s a rock until Dom drops ‘Whiterose’ which gets a flicker. Dom warns him not to bore her and asks who his leader is. He calmly lies ‘Fsociety’.

Elliot gets home in his office duds, and Darlene teases him. They prep for the night and just being around her brother has brought some of the old sassy Darlene back, and I am here for it! He has to walk Flipper before bed, so the siblings head out together. On the street Darlene outright asks Elliot to get ‘vengeance’ if she’s killed, and swears to do the same. And heck yeah he’s in!


Elliot pulls her up and actually uses the words ‘sorry’ and sincerely apologises for pushing her away. She hugs him, and he takes an Elliot second and hugs her back. OH MY GOD ONE OF THEM IS DOOMED.

Other FBI Guy is pushing for the FakeSociety guy to just be the guy, pointing out if the dude is Dark Army why didn’t he kill himself like the others? Dom still isn’t buying.

Darlene is on watch and of course, Mr. Robot leaves. She follows behind as he heads into Chinatown, and down increasingly dark and abandoned streets. Then she sees … ooooh shit, Robot talking to Angela. Oh, Dang!

She follows them into a subway tunnel and then back out, and sees them getting in a cab.

Angela and Robot go to see Tyrell, and they learn about Elliot’s shenanigans with the shipping delays. So looks like Tyrell finally understands the … situation. Tyrell loses his shit at the news and the sped up timeline, and destroys a bookshelf while Robot sits at the computer. He rants at Angela, who is the Queen of calm assertion about how it can be salvaged by just re-routing the deliveries to the tower.

Tyrell finally addresses Robot directly, and he’s still confused but he knows there’s Elliot 1 and Elliot 2, and he wonders how exactly they can get anything done under the circumstances. They argue and argue and Tyrell says he loved Elliot, but now sees Elliot is inferior; finally Robot lunges at Tyrell and tosses him into a wall. He chokes him, ready to kill him, but then he phases, and backs off. Angela sees what’s happening and runs for her sedation kit l, as we see Elliot has returned and is naturally terrified and baffled.

Angela approaches like a good friend, and then she sticks him with a goddamned sedative. Poor, poor Elliot passes out.

Darlene meets Dom in a bar. She’s been AWOL for a week and Dom is maaaaad, but Darlene continues to be Done With This Shit and will help on her terms only. She blames Dom for her horribly sad life, though she actually wants to know what part of Jersey Dom is from, if she has siblings, a lover.

Dom admits some truths about an on/off again thing she has with ‘someone’ but she’s not sure if ‘they’ are the one, and Darlene susses the pronoun game some of us noticed in Dom’s talk with Whiterose in season two, because Dom’s they’ is a she. Dom returns the question and Darlene’s like ‘REMEMBER WHEN YOU QUESTIONED ME WITH MY BOYFRIEND’S BRAINS IN MY HAIR? YEAH’

Dom admits she’s a social trainwreck (girl), and she’s worried that what happens next could be big, and they need Tyrell. Darlene admits she thinks she as a lead but has to go alone, no wires. Darlene explains that when Dom makes her case, Darlene loses her brother. So, you know, her way.

Irving is dealing with Tyrell who is still against the new deadline, while Irving thinks they all get an early vacation. He mentions how he can finish his book and it might be my opinion, but he looks sad Tyrell doesn’t ask ‘what book?’. Irving plays counsellor about Tyrell and Elliot’s … little tiff, and tells Tyrell that if Elliot is not the ‘God’ anymore, then Tyrell is. It’s his moment, the one he was born for, and he can’t turn away now. It works, because Irving is a really good salesman. Tyrell says there is a way but he has a demand; he gets to see Joanna and the baby, and thinks  as soon as Monday, they’ll be flown to the Ukraine — which has no extradition to the US.

The Ukraine? Now? Tyrell?

I can’t tell if Irving already knows the truth, but he promises he’ll get right on that while Tyrell orders him to warn Joanna of what will happen. Oh my actual god, this episode is bringing the pain. Tyrell asks for one more thing … the full force of the Dark Army.

We cut to Angela calling Philip Price, asking him to fire Elliot, though ,Price can’t ask why and she can’t be a part of it. Price asks if this is her ‘request’, meaning the thing she’d ask him for one day they talked about last year. He’ll do it. Does … isn’t he just a few weeks off learning she’s in cahoots with Whiterose?

Angela goes back into her den, and Robot is awake and grumpily gets an update. He’s worried what Elliot saw and in an interesting moment, Robot slouches into the same posture as Elliot from his work desk earlier. Angela’s phone rings, while Robot rants like Tyrell. She checks the phone and it’s Irving saying they will be ready to go … Monday.

Darlene packs her few meagre belongings and goes to Elliot’s place, but he’s not there. She returns that old beach photo that practically started this whole thing, and then she leaves.

Guys, that hurt. All of that hurt. Everyone is lying to and betraying Elliot, when all he’s trying to do is make things right. Tyrell thinks he can run off with Joanna. Darlene is just as lonely, if not more so, than her brother. Angela has gone full true believer, to the point of forcibly sedating her best friend to complete the mission. This was just a little walk through the misery these people live in, and to many degrees brought upon themselves, a reminder that there really are no winners in any of this.

Next week week it looks like we’re getting an episode length oner. Holy Moly.

Mr. Robot returns next week on USA and Amazon Prime Video.


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