Arrow, ‘Reversal’: Who Needs the Internet When You Have Love?

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 4, “Reversal”

They say a little role play can spice things up in the bedroom. While what happened with Ollie and Felicity this week wasn’t exactly what they meant, their inadvertent switching of roles on Team Arrow had aphrodisiac qualities nonetheless.  Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Remember that whole Helix nonsense last year? It comes back to bite Felicity and interrupt her late night hookup with Oliver. It appears Cayden James (Person of Interest‘s Michael Emerson), who Felicity insisted be released from ARGUS custody, is just as evil as everyone said he was, and his plan is to break the internet in a way that Kim Kardashian’s bare butt never could, costing hundreds of millions of lives in the process. Lucky for Felicity, Oliver has his evenings free now and he offers to help her out of this jam.

Was Laurel awful?: If you count doing the wet work for James awful, then yes 100 percent. Her contract murder spree starts off as the B-plot to Felicity’s main story, but the two threads are weaved together when it’s revealed that her seemingly anonymous victims all hold a key to the vault where all the world’s internet supply is kept. It appears the Lance family’s lack of detective skills crosses dimensions, the thing she notices that’s different about the Green Arrow is the crossbow, not the fact that he’s now six inches taller, more muscular and black.

What about the action: Since this was a Felicity centered episode, the fight scenes were limited to one quick scene where Oliver whips on some goons and the major set piece that included Felicity and the whole team against a pack of gun toting goons, fresh from the henchman temp agency. The situation did put Oliver in the Overwatch chair, which made for some fun moments during the firefight. Tonight’s fight does make you nostalgic for the days of Slade Wilson, who was smart enough to ruin you financially yet still skilled enough to run you through with a sword. We’re still early with this hacker big bad, let’s hope it gives the writers some license to be creative.

Sex and the Olicity: Everybody in Star City is overjoyed that Olicity is back on, but no one more than Felicity, who smooched Ollie every chance she got this episode. They are as understanding and communicative as they’ve ever been. Here’s hoping they start a running gag, where members of Team Arrow discover Olicity gettin’ dirty in random places.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: Felicity seemingly appeared to save the day, but of course it was all a part of Cayden James’ intricate plans for world domination. Despite relishing her killer role earlier, it felt like Black Siren waivered just a tiny bit at the end. So as far as I’m concerned, my redemption arc prediction for Laurel still stands. Next week, we take a break from Star City, as Ollie runs off to help his frenemy Slade.

Last impressions: Despite the reduced action, this was still an entertaining episode, especially if you are Team Olicity. If you aren’t a fan of that pairing or of Felicity in general (and believe it or not such people exist) then I’m sure this episode caused a fair amount of eye rolls. Credit where credit is due, however. This single episode advanced the season arc further than any three episodes of Arrow did last season. There are a fair number of pieces on the board and it’s going to be interesting to see how they move around.

Craig Wack

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