The Flash ‘Girls Night Out’: Killer Frost Brings Drama to the Comedy Party

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 5, “Girls Night Out”

Caitlin Snow doesn’t get a ton of screen time on The Flash, and her struggles with her alter-ego Killer Frost was a welcome diversion from guest villain Katee Sackoff’s ridiculous accent, and the even more ridiculous dueling bachelor/bachelorette parties that made up a big chunk of the episode. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop:  We find out the truth of what Caitlin had been up to while Barry was trapped in the Speed Force. Desperate for a cure, Caitlin heard that an underworld figure named Amunet Black had some tech that could help cure her, but the price is steep. Caitlin/Killer Frost developed an interesting symbiosis, when one identity slept, the other took over. When Killer Frost was at the controls, she acted as Amunet’s muscle. When another of Amunet’s goons crashes Iris’ bachelorette party, it’s up to Iris, Caitlin, Arrow‘s Felicity and the pregnant Cecile to save the day.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land: Barry’s bachelor party was going to be all fine brandy, good cigars and quality steaks, until Ralph Dibney crashes the party and takes the crew to the lamest strip club in history. Cisco gives Barry a concoction that helps him feel drunk and act a fool. Nobody has their cell phones, as per house rules, and Joe discovers that Cecile’s daughter is workin’ the pole “for a book she is writing.”

Did Barry cry?: Yes finally. Sure it was while in a drunken state and done for comedic effect, but it still counts as an official Weepy Barry moment.

Metahumans being meta: The Flash does love its pop culture references, and they were rapid fire this time around. Evidently Marvel Comics exist in the Berlantiverse, as Felicity makes an Incredible Hulk reference about Caitlin’s powers. Barry cries about the tragic door scene in Titanic. And, the ladies rally around “#feminism”, which is a phrase often used on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. For the second week in a row, there’s a crack made about STAR Labs’ terrible security.

What about the action: With the boys otherwise indisposed, Iris takes command of the situation and is determined to get Caitlin out of the jam she’s in, and to rescue Weeper, the fourth bus passenger turned metahuman whose power is the ability to cry a substance that is somewhere between an aphrodisiac and molly. Amunet is a meta herself, with a magnetism power that lets her create a gauntlet out of a bucket of scrap metal. Team Killer Frost interrupts the sale of Weeper to an Asian gang. Caitlin uses her powers to neat effect, and Amunet is thwarted by a large electromagnet which is located in a warehouse for no particular reason. Still, chalk one up for the ladies who saved the day without the aid of a speedster.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: The hunt for DaVoe continues. They don’t have to look far, because The Thinker was chasing Weeper around in his flying future chair in the stinger of the episode.

Last impressions: Still getting used to this whole The Flash as a comedy thing. Some of it worked –- drunk Barry, Joe’s reaction to Cecile’s daughter being a stripper and Harry’s whole deadpan vibe –- and some of it didn’t – Sackhoff’s over the top accent and performance, the “snake eye” henchman and pretty much everything to do with Dibney. At the very least, it kept the story moving forward and afforded the female characters on the show some much-needed time in the spotlight.

Craig Wack

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