Arrow, ‘Promises Kept’: Ollie Gets a Parenting Lesson from an Assassin

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 6, “Promises Kept”

We continued Slade’s family reunion from last week, and kicked some of the Diggle storyline down the road a bit. Nothing too earth-shattering happened but it was at least more satisfying than its sister shows, Supergirl and The Flash this week. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  There are a lot of father-son dynamics at play that required a bunch of flashbacks to the period after Slade escaped Lian Yu, and before showed up in Star City with serum in his veins and vengeance on his mind. Slade’s son had a front row seat for it all, and decided he wanted to be a stone-cold killer, just like his dad.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Diggle’s tremors came home to roost in a couple of ways. One, they came back in a big way, negatively impacting his ability to Green Arrow effectively. Two, in the course of Team Arrow tracking down a new drug supplier on the streets, the drug they are pushing is the “synthetic steroid” that is keeping Diggle’s shaking in check. There are moments of indecision in the field that endanger the whole team and force Diggle to come clean with his secret.

Sex and the Olicity: Ollie made it back to town in the final few scenes to see William and Felicity being adorable together and to give his girlfriend a patented South Park “I learned something today” speech. Ollie’s lesson: after seeing the twisted mess that Slade’s son became, thanks to the example set by Deathstroke, the choice to pass the mantel of Green Arrow to someone else was confirmed to be a good one for himself and William.

What about the action:  There were a lot more tense situations than big action set pieces this time around. There was some decent team action, which was nice to see. Oliver and Slade had to fight their way of the gang’s lair and we got a nice, big fireball at the conclusion of a team fight against the drug dealers. Diggle came clean about his tremors and his illicit solution to the problem fist to Lilah and later to the entire team. With no one really hurt and Diggle genuinely apologetic about keeping a secret from everybody, Team Arrow is supportive rather than angry. While his secret is out, the problem remains. Pair that development with Temporary Canary keeping her own secrets about Vigilante, and my crackpot theory about a Laurel redemption arc at the expense of Dinah Drake is still very much in play.

GIF quote of the week:

What’s next: Looks like FBI lady has connected all the dots and is ready to make an arrest. That should be fun.

Last impressions:  Last week I reserved judgement on Arrow with a stern “this better be leading to something big” warning. While that something big didn’t exactly materialize, it did take character relationships to interesting places, which given the lack of quality episodes this week from other outposts in superhero TV land, it felt like a win.

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