Supergirl, ‘Wake Up’: The Truth Never Hurts as Much as Secrets

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 7, “Wake Up”

After a week that saw Kara and Alex (and the narrative) take a break from reality, it’s back to the old DEO grind for Supergirl, where secrets are revealed and people share their feelings. Kara is the one who says the line about truth hurting less than a secret. She should totally embroider that saying on pillows and give them to every character in the Berlanti-verse. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop: It’s been at least a month and the authorities are just now getting around to investigating the structural integrity of the coastline after the torpedo attack. In the process, they stumble on to the spaceship and it fights back. When the DEO (Kara, J’onn and Winn) phase into the spaceship to investigate what’s going on, they discover a beardy and disoriented Mon-El.

Meanwhile in B Plot Land:  Mystery Single Mom Samantha is still freaked out by not getting a scratch when she was shot two episodes ago. She goes on a voyage of discovery on her own, first to see the adoptive mother who abandoned her when she got pregnant and later, out into the desert. Along the way, her mother shows her the pod Samantha was found in. The pod spits out a crystal that leads her to a spot where a rocky version of the Fortress of Solitude sprouts up. There Samantha learns her true destiny as the Kryptonian “worldkiller”, Reign. Despite her efforts to resist, the red eyes and speaking in tongues is not a good sign she is headed back to suburbia in time for soccer practice.

Additionally there was the rare C plot in this episode; J’onn eventually realizes it’s a good thing for himself and his father to stretch their horizons beyond the confines of the DEO, and they get an apartment together.

What about the action: This episode was pretty much devoid of flashy action sequences. Kara did punch out Mon-El after he attacked some agents looking for a space widget to take back to the ship he was found on. Mon-El acted suspicious as hell through most of the episode before he dropped the first of two bombs on Kara. Mon-El’s pod got sucked into a wormhole and shot him into the 31st century, where he’s spent seven years. The second bomb is in the form of Imra Ardeen, a woman rescued from a malfunctioning pod on the ship, who is also Mon-El’s wife.

What’s next: Supergirl puts a pin in these shocking discoveries so Kara can go attend Barry Allen’s wedding on an alternate earth, and maybe kick some interdimensional Nazi butt while she’s there. With the rise of Reign and arrival of two of the members of the Legion of Superheroes (Imra aka Saturn Girl and Mon-El), this is a sign of some interesting things to come. The other people in the ship are bound to other members of the Legion (fingers crossed for an appearance by Matter Eater Lad), which should be a hoot once it all comes together. It’s also worth noting that Supergirl must have an exotic brunette quota it needs to maintain, with the British-born Amy Jackson filling the shoes once worn by Jenna Dewan Tatum, Italia Ricci and most recently, Florina Lima.

Last impressions:  Despite the action in short supply, this really felt like an episode of Supergirl from last season, where much of the time was spent at the DEO, the principal characters all made at least a small contribution, and Kara seemed more like her old self again. With the boy she’s been mooning over seven years older and in love with another woman, it should create an interesting dynamic when the Kryptonian superweapon shows up.

Craig Wack

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