His Name Is Fergus Claudel Fraser: Outlander, ‘Uncharted’

***Spoiler Warning Spoilers for Outlander through Season 3, Episode 11, and Book Spoilers through Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager follow. Spoilers***

When it comes to the sprawling tale of Claire and Jamie Fraser, the couple are indeed blessed, and not just by the wacky Father Fogden (Nick Fletcher). With the second in a string of fairly fillerish hours — albeit, this is a slightly more pleasant outing — Claire gets her inner Castaway on, and is once again reunited with her man.

As terrifying as last week’s jump may have seemed, no one was truly worried for Claire’s safety; whether asset or fault is up to you, dear readers. We go into this television series knowing full well its book counterparts go on at least several more volumes, and though beloved characters are often lost, Jamie and Claire still have trials and tribulations (together and apart) aplenty. Floating to the shore of an unknown island, Claire quickly sets to heading inland in the hopes of finding civilization, which in a way, she does.

According to the rules of three, Claire knows her time without water is the greatest threat, though ants and a snake vie for position. When she fortuitously passes out just as she’s stumbled upon an English-speaking priest’s abode, the out of place doctor is quickly nursed and cursed back to health, and finds she’s not completely among the sane when her benefactor starts speaking with his friend Coco — wait for it — an actual coconut shell. Despite an ominous uncertainty, neither Fogden nor his deceased wife’s mother Mamacita (Vivi Lepori) are truly a threat to Claire, and when Willoughby’s presence on the island is made known — sorry, Arabella! — the good doctor realizes Jamie is miraculously somewhere on the very same island (San Domingo) as she.

As Claire makes her way to finding her husband, intentionally misleading interspersed scenes of Jamie and the ship crew repairing the storm-ravaged Artemis unsurprisingly leave Mrs. Fraser alone onshore … yet, equipped with the one thing to grab Jamie’s attention at just the right moment, and cue the dramatic THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN music. Ever the feel good guy, with a sip of whiskey and a smile, Jamie suggests a wedding might lighten the mood, and next thing we know — Claire just happens to have been hanging with a priest — Fergus is a married, surnamed man. Back on course aboard the Artemis, full of meds and Willoughby’s doctored turtle soup, Jamie and Claire get back to the business at hand (reunion sexytimes!); presumably Fergus and Marsali follow suit, and we’re all happily ever after until next week.

Deep Thoughts:

Best moment of the hour wasn’t, as you might expect, Jamie and Claire’s reunion (again), although the sex scenes were delightfully amusing — especially when Mr. Willoughby interrupted.

Rather, that moment when Jamie gave Fergus his surname, the looks the two men shared was a simple, perfectly executed bit of emotional warmth. What a lovely interpretation!

It’s starting to feel like it’s not an Outlander episode without at least one gross scene — thanks Willoughby for the handy stitching, and to the cameraperson for the groovy close-up shots.

I enjoyed the true to life moment between Marsali and Claire, when the new bride asked for advice about not having a baby right away.

Love the callback — and ***Not Really a Book Spoiler Ahead*** presumably, the callout to future events ***End Book Spoiler*** when Father Fogden tells Claire his beetles are from Abandawe Cave, and she remembers when  (‘Crème de Menthe’) “seer” Margaret Campbell warned Claire that “Abandawe will devour ye”. ***Book Spoiler Ahead*** Readers know we’ll hear of/see Abandawe again, and that it involves Young Ian and … Gellis Duncan! I shall say no more. ***End Book Spoiler***

Nick Fletcher was delightful as Father Fogden; I could almost see the winking in his fun performance.  Toni Graphia said the writers decided to combine the characters of Fogden and Lawrence Stern because the characters seemed similar to them. The story was also changed, but will include a key plot point (“something that happens to Claire on the island”) readers may have been expecting somewhere down the line.

Sexytimes ahoy! Caitriona clearly had a blast playing tipsy, and it was nice to see the Frasers playing goofy and simply having a good fuck.

Great Lines:

Mamacita to Father Fogden when he suggests his late wife’s dress for Claire:  “No, that cow too big … You wish her to become Ermenegilda?”  That Jezebel … could never replace my baby.”

Father Fogden to Claire:  “You have loved someone so much that you would risk everything for them …Then you must be reunited with him.”

Crew discussing Claire:  “Wife turns up in the most unlikely of places does she not?”

“Aye, she just drops out of nowhere.”

Father Fogden:  “There was a time when I was a stranger in a strange land, like you Mr. Willoughby. I forgive you.”

Fogden to Marsali (about Fergus):  “Him, are you sure? He’s missing a hand. It’s not as if he’s missing a cock … he’s not, is he?”

Marsali:  “If you’d hurry up and get on with it, I could find out.”

Fogden to Fergus:  “And you have a name, too? And a cock … Surely you have a surname, do you not?

Jamie:  “Fraser. His name is Fergus Claudel Fraser.”

Marsali to Claire:  “Maybe you’re not the devil after all.”

Jamie to Claire after she tells him turtle is an aphrodisiac:  “That was awfully bawdy for a married woman … And your nipples staring me in the eye, the size of cherries.”

Claire:  “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Bolt the door.”



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