Crisis on Earth X, Parts 1 & 2: Crossover Delivers on Promise of Top-Notch Superhero Action

Crisis on Earth X Parts 1 & 2

After a month of episodes involving sub-par stretchy substitutes and pint-sized mystery solving doppelgangers, the long-awaited Supergirl/Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossover has finally arrived. Although we’re only halfway through the two-night event, what we’ve been given has been well worth the wait.  Here’s everything you need to know about the first parts of Crisis on Earth X:

Part 1: The Wedding

What’s the scoop: While our various heroes are fighting crime in their hometowns, they realize they’ve all forgotten to RSVP for Barry and Iris’ wedding. It’s the kind of scene that feels very much at home with The Flash’s comedic turn this season, it works because it balances out the dark and scary visions of the Nazi overrun Earth X in the cold open that gives us our first glimpse of Red Arrow, and ends Jimmy Olsen’s time as the Earth X Guardian (poor Jimmy, useless in any dimension). Kara is reluctant to go since she’s dealing with some weird boy troubles, and Alex is still in the dumps after breaking up with Maggie. But the Danvers sisters decide to suck it up and head to the wedding, anyway.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land:  There are a number of minor threads running through the first part of the episode as they mix and mingle. Within five minutes, Cisco and Wells devise a formula to successfully separate Stein and Jax (something they’ve been trying to do for like four episodes on their show). Stein adapts the formula in a way that would still split Firestorm, but endow Jax with some pretty lame powers. At the rehearsal dinner, Alex and Sara start drink-flirting and eventually, making out. Rory is eating, drinking and flirting with Caitlin.

Sex and the Olicity: The wedding atmosphere has Oliver feeling romantic. After a pep talk from Barry, Ollie proposes to Felicity (while she does her patented tie-straightening flirt move). Felicity awarkly declines, adding that she loves their life the way it is, and she doesn’t need marriage to validate it. Alex and Sara have a night of passion, causing Alex to make a walk of shame to the wedding.

Metahumans being meta: Loads more Spider-Man references here when Stein reveals his formula will allow Jax to stick to things … and that’s it. Also, there’s an “I hate Nazis” line familiar to fans of both The Blues Brothers and the Indiana Jones movies.

One GIF says it all

What about the action: The wedding is beautiful. Everyone looks so good in their fancy clothes. Kara sings the song Barry sang to Iris when he proposed to her at the end of the musical crossover last season. It’s a beautiful moment until -– believe it or not –- The Greatest American Preacher gets vaporized by a pack of Nazis who have stormed the back of the church. This kicks off hands-down the greatest fight sequence ever staged on an Arrowverse show. Flashes are flashing, Kara is fighting her evil twin, Alex and Sara both rip their skirts to free up more kicking room for fight Nazi Prometheus (Tommy Merlyn!), Ollie is shooting arrows out of the air, Rory and Killer Frost are doing their thing and Cisco uses a breach to send Ollie across the room for a better shot at their attacker.

The aftermath: The church is wrecked (Barry and Iris will not be getting their deposit back). Prometheus gets captured. Cisco is knocked out. Eobard Thawne in Wells face is working with the Earth Xers.

Part 2: Earth X Plan Revealed

What’s the scoop: Team Arrowverse regroup back at STAR Labs, and realize this isn’t a neo-Nazi group, but in fact, a group from Earth X, where Nazi Germany developed the atomic bomb first and won World War II. They try to get info out of Tommy Merlyn but he kills himself with a cyanide capsule before he reveals anything meaningful.

Meanwhile in B plot land: Ollie and Felicity take a quick time-out to discuss their feelings about marriage. Ollie wants to get hitched, Felicity wants to keep the good thing they have going. Jax is having second thoughts about splitting up Firestorm, since it means Stein won’t be around to share in the adventure. Alex is freaked out by the fact she had a one night stand, and regrets it.

Metahumans being meta: Amazon Prime is a thing in the Arrowverse because Felicity makes a Man in High Castle reference.

GIF quote of the week:

What about the action: Nazi Kara has a bad ticker and is dying, so the Nazis have a plan to save her. They need to steal a prism that can simulate a red sun to weaken Kara long enough to remover her heart, and place it in her evil doppelganger’s body. The team goes to flush out a nest of Nazis, but it’s just a ruse to clear the big guns out of STAR Labs while Red Arrow goes in after some tech. The Team Arrow reserves have their butts handed to them in short order, especially since Temporary Canary forgot she has superpowers, and merely thinks trying to beat Red Arrow with a stick is adequate for the job.

The aftermath: The Nazis are occupying STAR Labs, and the A-listers minus Kara have been dumped into a prison camp on Earth X. It’s a very Empire Strikes Back kind of ending.

Last impressions: This is exactly the kind of crossover event fans have been hoping for since the Arrowverse expanded to four shows. It’s free from the trappings of acting as a backdoor pilot, or fitting into a series’ milestone episode. They just jumped into the story, gave us heartfelt character moments and some of the best action sequences ever put on this network.



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