In Seven Days, Rey Will Have Harnessed Her Power: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teases a Thrilling New Moment

We’re officially seven (six!) days out from Rian Johnson’s Star Wars entry, The Last Jedi, and of all the things I’m panting, frothing at the mouth over (totally part dog), it is to see Daisy Ridley’s Rey learning to harness the force. In almost all of the teasers, there are shots of her training with Luke and I think we’ve all presumed that at some point in the film, she will KICK KYLO REN’S WIMPY ASS have the opportunity to test out her skills. What do you know — the official Star Wars twitter just confirmed that in an awesomely surprising way. Check out this new tease, and pay particular attention to the last five seconds.

You saw that, right? Rey just SUMMONED Ren’s lightsaber, and it might just be the most glorious moment in NuStar Wars history.

“We are the spark that will light the fire …

Oh, my fire is stoked all right!

Here’s hoping your tickets are already in hand. Star Wars:  The Last Jedi rips into (most) theaters December 15th (L.A., December 9th; some theaters, December 14th).

Cindy Davis

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