The Path Season 3 Trailer: Everybody is Searching

The season three trailer for The Path is here, and oh my daisies. It goes without saying that the story of The Path has really always been about Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul). For as much as we study Cal (Hugh Dancy) and Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), and their respective journeys, it was Eddie’s vision that showed the cracks in the Meyer system, his leaving that triggered the current state of quiet chaos ruling the group. And it has been Eddie, and almost exclusively Eddie, who actually experiences visions of a sometimes prophetic and deeply meaningful nature. Is Eddie some sort of prophet who truly sees The Light? Or is Eddie mentally ill, and following his hallucinations to a terrifying outcome?

Season Three seems determined to keep us guessing, opening with Eddie appearing to envision a fire at the Meyer compound in the city, then later surviving the actual incident in a way you might call ‘miraculous’. We see glimpses of him in his growing role as the new leader of the group, snazzily dressed, adored by Meyerists, and even hiring a new PR agent- Frieda Pinto’s ‘Vera’ – to manage his image. Hell, even Cal Roberts publicly endorses him as the man who Meyerists should follow. Say whaaaaaat?

But, all is not well in Meyerland. We get a flash of Hawk (Kyle Allen) angrily telling Eddie his reluctant to be a ‘cult’ leader is preventing him being a ‘leader’ of any capacity. Hawk will be continuing his own emotional and spiritual journey and, dare I say, is there a flash suggesting he might be exploring his sexuality too?

Sarah, the traditional, die hard Meyerist and child of basically two of the founders, is naturally anxious about the changes Eddie is making. And by ‘anxious’ I mean flipping right the hell out, fearing the changes are not the start of something new, but an ending.

Meanwhile, she and Call are taking their dark and twisted relationship to all new levels, with glimpses of the pair engaged in intense bondage play that might honestly be bordering into abuse. There are also suggestions that for all his public support of Eddie, Cal is still working his own angle and trying to collect his own followers. He and Sarah are still grappling with their share guilt over the various crimes, Cal’s straight up murder of Silas, Sarah’s continued silence over this, but it seems they may be reaching a breaking point.

I’ve speculated for a long time the group could someday split , and even that the division might lead to profound tragedy and wouldn’t you know, in one flash from the promo, Eddie — hopefully having one of his visions — sees a field full of dead bodies, an obvious and telling reference to images of the real life Jonestown mass suicide. The big question of course, if this vision comes true, will be who led the followers in the act? Once, it was clearly going to be Cal, but now the idea it could be Sarah or even Eddie doesn’t seem that far fetched.

Our new characters seem interesting. I’ve mentioned Vera , we also see an older woman who appears to have an important plot with Eddie, and a young man Hawk gets intimate with. There’s a red haired dude who may or may not kick the shit out of Cal (it’s not a season of The Path if Cal doesn’t get a whupping). Sean is absent, having left the cult without Mary and Cal’s baby, but I hope he’ll return for her. Notably absent is of course, Abe (Rockmond Dunbar) who left the show at the end of season two after Abe secretly passed the water test results on to Sarah. It’s honestly not clear why the immensely talented Mr. Dunbar was not asked back — while there’s an argument Abe’s story reached an end point, it didn’t’ feel done. I was expecting him to return to the Feds and if indeed, the show is heading for some sort of Waco-like siege, or Jonestown-type mass suicide, Abe would have a role to play. I also missed any glimpse of Noah, Hawk’s season two love interest. Since the show does have an unfortunate habit of dropping characters with no follow up (I’ll never forget you, Alison!) there’s a chance she may just be gone. But we will see.

The Path returns for its third season on Hulu, on January 17th 2018!

Nadine Morgan

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