Netflix Sneaks in a Wickedly Fun New Year Surprise: The End Of The F***ing World

If You’re the Worst‘s Jimmy and Gretchen were once murderous youths, they might look something like Netflix’s latest antiheroes.

Based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel, The End of the Fucking World (now starred out for the easily offended) follows young James and Alyssa as they fall in love, but this isn’t just your average coming of age comedy. You see, James has a slightly unusual desire — to kill people — and he’s got his eye on Alyssa as his trial victim. Only problem is, she’s not exactly who he expected, and it looks like James may have underestimated the power of an intriguing first love.

Check out this near-perfect tease:

I know we’re meant to focus on James’ (Alex Lawther) sociopathic tendencies, but Jessica Barden’s Alyssa is clearly the trailer standout.

This is so charming and fun, it’s immediately bumped atop our must see list. And luckily, The End of the Fucking (F***ing) World kicks off on Netflix in only three days (January 5th) .

TEotFW is created and written by Jonathan Entwistle, and costars Game of Thrones Gemma Whelan, as well as Steve Oram, Wunmi Mosaku, Christine Bottomley and Navin Chowdhry.

Cindy Davis

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