Supergirl, ‘Legion of Superheroes’: Time For Kara’s Annual Coma

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 10: “Legion of Superheroes”

After suffering a humbling defeat at the hands of Reign, Kara spends most of the midseason premiere trapped in a coma, while Reign tears up National City and Mon-El and his new girlfriend sit on the sidelines. But this is Supergirl, so you know Kara Danvers won’t be down for long. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop:  After chilling in a 31st -century healing tank, Kara is ready to get back out and fight the good fight, though her mind is keeping her trapped in her loft. With Mon-El’s recently thawed teammate Brainy trying to act as Kara’s guide out of her own mind, Kara tries to blast her way out. That only manages to make a mess. Thanks to a Sherlock Holmes quote, taking the time to clean up, and the memory of her old cat, Streaky, Kara starts down the path of unlocking what her subconscious is trying to tell her.

Meanwhile, in B-Plot Land:  Reign is carrying out her mission of cleansing the earth of sin, and scaring the hell out of everyone in the process. Mon-El and his Legion buddies can’t risk a direct confrontation with her because they carry the cure to an interstellar plague in their DNA. If one of them were to die, that would mean the failure of their mission and seeing countless planets fall to this blight.

Calling Human Resources: Lena and James are still an item (because neither one would have much to do without their late-night make-out sessions). Lena’s desire to follow the advice on Kara’s throw pillow (“The truth hurts less than secrets”) and let Kara — who is Lena’s BFF and Jimmy’s ex-gf — know about their after-hours games of tonsil hockey at CatCo. It seems like a long walk for a little payoff, but it does set up the best scene of the night, where J’onn has to masquerade as a flu-ridden Kara to satisfy Lena’s curiosity. I must say Melissa Benoist does a killer David Harewood, manspreading and all.

What about the action:  The DEO springs into action in an attempt to neutralize Reign’s terror. They pack up every anti-Kryptonian weapon in their arsenal and stage a bank robbery to draw her out. It barely fazes her. Later, Reign starts dispensing her brand of justice inside the prison where the Rao cult leader is being kept. Just as Iron Man has his AC/DC, the Legion of Superheroes likes to fight with Bon Jovi pumping in the background as they get in on the action. While that is going on, Kara learns a lesson about saving her humanity (again) and wakes up in time to get the job done, sending Reign scurrying back to her hidey-hole.

What’s next: Back at her lair, Reign discovers there are others out there like her, and the cult leader is more than happy to be her sidekick. Alex and Kara drink wine and talk about boys.

Last impressions:  This was a solid enough follow-up to that brutal mid-season finale, though we do wish they would stop with the whole “Kara’s humanity is her greatest asset” loop. We all (except for Kara, evidently) get it; time to move on to something else. Thanks to the wine session with Alex, Kara seems to be ready to move on, too, which is good because the battle with Reign is far from over.

Craig Wack

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