Three Favorite Game of Thrones Stars Kick off New Series, The Terror and Picnic at Hanging Rock

With Game of Thrones set to air its final season — in 2019 — many of the series stars have already moved on to other projects and because of that, this will be the winter of our … utter content. Three of the HBO hit’s best actors, who each played memorable favorites, are starring in two not entirely dissimilar shows that involve mysterious, inexplicable — and based on partially true — events.

First up is AMC’s The Terror, starring Ciarán Hinds aka Mance Rayder, Tobias Menzies aka Edmure Tully (aka Outlander‘s Captain Jack Randall and Frank Randall) and oh, did I forget to mention there’s a  Mad Men favorite, too? 

Jared Harris aka Layne Price (aka King George VI aka Anderson Dawes) plays Francis Crozier, Captain of the ill-fated HMS Terror, the ship that along with the HMS Erebus, disappeared while attempting to complete a crossing of the Northwest Passage. Last seen entering Baffin Bay, the Terror was trapped in ice, abandoned, and exactly what happened to those on board has been the subject of many theories, including Dan Simmons’ fictional account, on which this AMC show is based.

Menzies plays James Fitzjames, Captain of the HMS Erebus and co-leader of the so-called Franklin expedition, charged with recruitment and scientific research, and Hinds stars as explorer, and Rear Admiral (*insert your twelve year old self laughing here*), John Franklin, who also served as Governor of Tasmania for several years. Here’s the creepy trailer:

The Terror is written by David Kajganich (Suspiria [2018], A Bigger Splash), directed by Edward Berger (Deutschland 83, Patrick Melrose), and  also stars Paul Ready (The Tunnel, Utopia), Matthew McNulty (Versailles, The Musketeers, Misfits), and Christos Lawton (Downton Abbey, The Last Kingdom). It airs on AMC beginning March 26th.

Next up is queen of period pieces, and the once and ***Game of Thrones Spoiler*** former Queen Margaery Tyrell, aka the delightfully smirky Natalie Dormer, who’ll star as Mrs. Hester Appleyard in the Australian series, Picnic at Hanging Rock. Set in 1900 and based on the historical fiction novel by Joan Lindsay, the series focuses on the disappearance of a group of boarding school students. The story (which Lindsay offers up as possibly true, and is based on dreams the author had) goes that four girls (and a teacher) who took a day trip to Hanging Rock in Victoria seemingly vanished into the rock formation (maybe they’re on Outlander); causing panic at the college, and a few other odd incidents.

With Dormer in the lead as head of her own Appleyard College, and surrounded by talent like Yael Stone (Orange Is the New Black, High Maintenance), Samara Weaving (The Babysitter, SMILFThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) Lola Bessis (Thirst Street, Swim Little Fish, Swim) Anna McGahan (Underbelly), Lily Sullivan (Sucker, Camp, Mental), and Jonny Pasvolsky (Westworld, Mortdecai), this women-powered series is a must see … though we’ll have to wait a bit for it to hit Amazon and the BBC.

Written by Alice Addison (The Hunter, The Principal) and Beatrix Christian (Eisfieber, Jindabyne), directed by Larysa Kondrack (Legion, Power, Better Call Saul, The Americans), Amanda Brotchie (Girlboss, Lowdown, Neighbors), and Michael Rymer (Hannibal, Jessica Jones, The Man in High Castle, Battlestar Galactica), Picnic at Hanging Rock is expected to air early this year.


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