Arrow, ‘Divided’: Breaking up Is Not That Hard to Do

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 10, “Divided”

Three weeks have passed since Team Arrow fractured in the midseason finale and like all workplace relationships gone wrong, things are a little awkward when the parties pass each other in the hallways. There’s no time to waste, however; Cayden James is back from his holiday break, and he wants control of Star City’s docks. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Cayden James has built himself quite the little cabal of crime and villainy, and he’s attacking a local mobster for control of his territory. OG Team Arrow is short-handed and running itself ragged trying to figure out what their nemesis is up to next. Curtis, Dinah and Rene have settled into their lives without masks. Things get complicated when it’s discovered that the secret lair without a door that locks was somehow bugged by James. The breach explains how the FBI is getting fed all of its information, and puts Old and New Team Arrows in a bit of a mess.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: All aboard the Black Siren redemption train! Thea and Lance start hanging out, and it’s obvious they saw The Last Jedi a few too many times during the break. Lance can’t get over how Black Siren let him go, despite having orders to kill him. It has him nostalgic for his own daughter, and gets him thinking that there’s good in her he can bring out. Thea thinks it’s a stupid idea at first, but given she knows a thing or two about an evil blood relative’s capacity to ultimately do the right thing, Thea joins Team Redemption.

Sex and the Olicity: Ollie and Felicity were too busy this episode for tie straightening or makeouts. However, they are in a stressful moment in their lives and their relationship is still solid, which is worth noting.

What about the action:  With Ollie mostly on his own this hour, the action sequences were pretty short, with Oliver using his grappling arrow to bug out whenever too many henchmen show up. At the end of the day, Ollie’s brief alliance with the mobster falls apart, and James gets what he wants. The defeat doesn’t sit well with Oliver and he realizes he needs help. He gathers the various Team Arrow factions together to clear the air and reunite for the common good. The thing is, Rene, Curtis and Dinah are still pretty sore over the whole surveillance thing, and announce their intentions to go into business for themselves. Oliver takes the news like a parent of a six-year-old threatening to run away from home, and wishes them the best of luck against the insurmountable odds James and his posse represent.

What’s next:  James appears to be taking a page out of the Prometheus playbook, and he’s going to make his attacks on Oliver personal, so that should be fun.

Last impressions: After such a major character shakeup, Arrow was due for a transitional episode to reset all the pieces on the board. The summit of heroes was tense, and it was nice to see Ollie at least admit to having a few flaws. I don’t think we have seen the last of Diggle’s physical problems, given the chip in his arm is Curtis’ technology and James has been able to see the inner workings of the T-Spheres. This episode won’t exactly be remembered for very much, but it accomplished its mission of laying the groundwork for the second half of the season.

Craig Wack

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