Captain Marvel Set Photos Make Fans Turn Green With Curiosity

The high-pitched sound you heard late this afternoon wasn’t some car accident down the block from your office, but it was the sound of Marvel movie fans everywhere squealing with delight over seeing Brie Larson in full Captain Marvel gear for the first time.

Excitement for Marvel’s first female-headlined superhero movie has been building ever since Larson was cast for the role in 2016. Every detail about the movie, which will be released in March 2019, is savored and analyzed like a gift from heaven.

Principal photography cranked up earlier this month. Larson and Marvel released some photos recently of Larson looking all Top Gun in her military flight suit.

However, today’s photos, first released by Page Six, took things to a whole new level, but not without some confusion.

As you can see from this concept art that was released a while back, the suit Larson is wearing (and wearing like a BOSS) has the familiar structure and style of classic Carol Danvers Captain Marvel but it’s green.

There was immediate debate about why it was colored that way. My first thought was that it was that color because they would use the green to color the suit with VFX in post-production. Given the disaster that was Ryan Reynolds’ floating head in cartoon land during Green Lantern, I seriously doubt that any studio would try that approach to a hero uniform ever again.

It didn’t take long for the more studious comic book experts to posit that since Captain Marvel’s is from the alien race known as the Kree, Kree military uniforms are traditionally green, so this must be a scene from when Danvers recently acquired the suit.

So while we wait for our next tidbit from the set of Captain Marvel, and 2018’s round of Marvel blockbusters, let’s analyze Larson’s vintage 90s hairstyle. Is it more of a Rachel or a Monica?

Craig Wack

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