Arrow, ‘We Fall’: Ollie and Team Arrow Reach Rock Bottom

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 11, “We Fall”

Cayden James sets his master plan in motion. It’s hard telling which is rougher on Team Arrow, the fact that the city is falling into chaos, or the fact their past actions led them down this path. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Cayden James is holding the city for ransom, thanks to his thermobaric bomb. With control of the port and of all technology in the city, James is causing death and destruction as he blocks all exits out of town. Mayor Ollie is scrambling to create safe zones for the citizens, while Green Arrow Ollie is desperately trying to rescue as many people as he can from the hacking attacks. The two teams even call an uneasy truce in order to work together to stop the immediate threat.

Meanwhile in B-plot land:  William gets caught in the crossfire, as the school bus he’s riding in becomes trapped in a tunnel that is remotely attacked. He’s a chip off the heroic block as he springs to action, safely guiding his classmates to safety before being trapped by some debris. Thankfully, Ollie figured out James would attack the tunnel and he shows up to rescue William, exposing the secret that Ollie’s gone back to his vigilante ways behind William’s back. In order to keep William safe, he’s led to the Arrowcave, where he gets to see the good Oliver does for the city first hand, and a primer about what it means to love Ollie — from Felicity. In the end, William gives his dad his blessing to continue being the Arrow because he understands that the Arrow helps, and his fears of being orphaned are mitigated by Felicity.

Sex and the Olicity:  Before all hell broke loose, Felicity and Oliver spent a tender moment of married bliss having one of those breezy intimate conversations that make them an adorable couple. Later on, during her conversation with William, Felicity’s love for Oliver really shines through, which helps get William on Team Arrow.

What about the action: With the attacks being mostly virtual, the action sequences are more rescue related, but still well executed. The rescue from the tunnels was solid, especially when William sees that it’s his dad in the hood. The main fight sequence actually helped forward the plot, as the combined teams fighting the goons attacking one of the safe zones is interwoven with Felicity’s talk to William about loving Oliver, and trusting him to always make it home not matter what danger is out there. The little subplot about Vigilante being a double agent is sort of confirmed when he helps Dinah out of a jam during the fight.

What’s next: Despite some personal victories, Oliver is still at his lowest point by episode’s end, when he has Thea wire James his $10 million of blood money to keep him from blowing up Star City.

Last impressions: Historically, Arrow has had a tendency to slow play its main plots during the course of the season. With James actually setting his plans into motion, this hour had all the feel of an Episode 15 or 16 rather than an Episode 11 of Arrow. Despite being light on the fight scenes, the stakes felt high and you could feel Oliver’s desperation about the situation start to mount. It’s also helpful that we put the whole “William doesn’t know Ollie is still Green Arrow” bit to bed, because with Ollie in the Arrowcave for days at a time, the situation’s believability was stretching thin. Overall, as far as midseason episodes go, this has been one of the best in recent memory.

Craig Wack

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