Lost, Again? HBO and Apple Spark a Bidding War to Follow J.J. Abrams Down Another Rabbit Hole Hatch *Updated

Editor’s note:  This piece was originally published January 17, 2018

Is that the face of a man we can trust?

Er … personally, I’m not entirely sure, but HBO and Apple are betting big that viewers will return in droves to watch J.J. Abrams’ next science fiction outing. And, whether or not we’re ready for Lost: The Next Generation, his new series will once again involve a crash and a trip to a mysterious, uncharted place, where it sounds like its heroine could (possibly) run into a giant Dharma shark.

Titled Demimonde (definitions range from French for ‘half world’ to a hedonistic group unbound by morals), the series will follow a young girl navigating a strange new world after she and her parents are in a bad car accident that leaves her scientist mother in a coma. The girl begins looking through her mother’s experiments and is somehow transported to another world; one amidst a war with “a monstrous, oppressive force” (reminds me a bit of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman). Her father follows her into this other place and, presumably, we’ll all be off on a journey of strange, new discoveries there.

Abrams, who’s directing Star Wars: Episode IX and is a producer for Westworld, has proven his interest in exploring science fiction through film and television and, despite my disappointment in Lost‘s ending, there’s not much that could keep me from checking out this premise. It’s no wonder streaming services are frothing to get their hands on Demimonde — with Abrams at the helm (he’ll write and possibly direct), it’s practically guaranteed gold.

*Updated February 2, 2018

HBO has given Demimonde a straight to series order, with Abrams as writer and executive producer.

Cindy Davis

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