Might Lauren Cohan Leave The Walking Dead over Pay Parity?

Is AMC balking at pay parity?

Lauren Cohan has played Maggie Greene (later, Rhee) on The Walking Dead since 2011 (Season 2) and as of Season 8, she’s still around, but that may be about to change.

Deadline reports Cohan’s contract is up for renegotiation at the end of this season, and the actress has asked for equal pay to Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln —  her request was not supposed to be a deal-breaker.

Though Cohan didn’t start with the series in Season 1 (Lincoln and Reedus did), over time her role has grown into a major one, with her Maggie becoming a fan favorite, and taking on a leadership role. It seems unthinkable that the network wouldn’t want to keep Cohan on for future seasons, but according to Deadline, she’s “fielding a slew of pilots” and is taking meetings with other networks.

… I hear AMC offered Cohan a modest salary increase in exchange for a long-term contract, which was rejected, a standard practice in talent re-negotiations. What happened next is a little murky. I hear the network did not follow up with a new proposition and there have been no further talks.” [Deadline]

With so many original characters already killed off, including the unexpected ***SPOILER*** death of Carl Grimes this past year, I can’t imagine losing Maggie, too; it’s possible all is not lost as yet. A second source offered up that Cohan and AMC are still in discussions, so perhaps she’s merely shopping around to leverage her deal.



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