Did the New Westworld Trailer Sneak in a Glimpse of Hosts from Another World?

After last night’s cursory look at the new Westworld trailer, I wanted to comb through the shots to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. One of the moments that initially caught my eye was toward the end, following a long shot that eventually hones in on Dolores, there’s a glimpse of a strange group of “soldiers”.

If you’re a Westworld fan, you know there’s more than meets the eye in almost any scene, and these particular masked men don’t look like a group we’ve seen before.

Or, do they?

If you’ll remember, back in the first season finale, Maeve happened upon an area she hadn’t (that we know of) been in before — one that was quite exciting, because it opened the door to other Delos parks — specifically, Samurai World.

Through those doors, along with Felix and Armistice, Maeve discovered a new group of Hosts, in various costumes, including masks and face coverings.

So, what I’m wondering is, were some of the unfinished/not fully costumed Samurai Hosts recruited by Maeve and Dolores, and outfitted with different weaponry?

It’s a long shot, perhaps, but that final shot of Dolores surrounded by the group does feature one of the figures with a sword.

Regardless, we expect to see something of Samurai World in Season 2, which brings Hiroyuki Sanada as Musashi, Gustaf Skarsgård as Karl Strand, Jonathan Tucker as Major Craddock, and  Zahn McClarnon.

Westworld returns to HBO, April 22nd.

Cindy Davis

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