Open Your Mind: This New FX Promo Features First Footage of Legion, Season 2 *Updated Return Date Announced

There are a lot of shots packed into FX’s latest promo,

including of new series, Mayans (Sons of Anarchy spinoff), Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty in Trust, and Snowfall and Pose, but what excited me most (HELLO, JEMAINE) were the first Legion Season 2 scenes, including that header with Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny and Jemaine Clement’s Oliver, sunning it up. Frankly, I would have been thrilled to see that shot alone, but we also got all this:

Yeah, I’m dead. You?

There’s not a lot of information we can glean from the footage, other than that Lenny and ***Season 1 finale SPOILER*** Yellow Eyed (host to the Shadow King) Oliver are still together, and it’ll be interesting to see how that role reversal plays out with Aubrey Plaza. Oh, and there’s that spaceship-ish inside of the orb that kidnapped David.

I have no idea what’s happening here,

but, I like what’s happening here.

Can’t wait to see a full trailer.

Legion returns to FX in April.

*Updated February 6, 2018

Legion returns April 3rd!

Where are you, David? #LegionFX returns April 3.

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