The Flash, ‘True Colors’: The Metas from the Bus Go Round and Round

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 13, “True Colors”

Thanks to the events of this episode, Barry will be once again the star of his own show. But, before we get there, we had to endure the final chapter of the Ralph redemption saga. At least the DeVoes were back from whatever tropical vacation they’ve been on since Barry went to prison. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash.

What’s the scoop: When last we saw our erstwhile hero, the sinister Warden Wolfe was about to sell Barry to Amunet, who has her own plans for a speedster. When Iris is denied a chance to visit Barry, some investigating is done and they discover Wolfe’s side business of selling his metahuman inmates. The problem is attacked on two fronts: Barry sciences his way to a prison break with the metas from the bus in tow and Ralph, with his convenient new shape-shifting powers, goes in disguise as Wolfe to delay the deal with Amunet.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land: Things aren’t all hot sex and domestic bliss between the Mechanic and the newly reskinned DeVoe. His new ability to read minds isn’t nearly as adorable as Cecile’s was last week. As his intellect grows exponentially, he becomes more disconnected from his own humanity. This leaves Mrs. DeVoe to keep an earworm song running through her head to block her husband’s ability to read her thoughts.

What about the action: The Ralph stuff was pretty much by the numbers. Despite his outward swagger, Ralph is pretty much a sad sack who believes his always lets down those he cares about. The lack of self-confidence (and the fact that he doesn’t have a firm handle on this new ability) makes the Wolfe impersonation a comedy of errors and floppy ears. Barry has more luck, getting into the tunnels below Iron Heights with his fellow metahuman inmates. With freedom just around the corner, most of the collection of rogues describe how they are going to return to their lives of crime, with one exception – Hazard. She didn’t even want to break out because she doesn’t want her luck manipulating powers to hurt others. Barry says that if Amnunet gets to her, a lot of people will be hurt, so she comes along. Barry and Hazard make a connection during the trek through the tunnels, which comes in handy when they reach the prison yard. Wolfe and his guards are waiting for the group, Barry is quickly neutralized and Amunet soon joins them. Wolfe reveals that Barry is The Flash, and is the man responsible for them being in jail. They all start to turn on Barry, but Hazard stands up to all of them because Barry is such a nice guy. Her luck powers take out everybody. Then DeVoe shows up in his Future Chair, and uses it to steal the powers of the gathered metas (save for Amunet, who scurried away) and kill Wolfe in cold blood, much to the horror of the Mechanic who was observing on the monitor. He burns out the body he was occupying and jumps into Hazard right before Barry can get close enough to save her.

What’s next: The episode does end on a happy note. During an appeals hearing, the once believed dead DeVoe shows up. It’s actually Ralph trying to make the situation right and surprisingly enough, it works. A conviction based on shaky evidence deserves an exoneration just as shaky. Barry is free, and DeVoe in Hazard dances in their basement lab ready for the next phase of the grand plan to begin. Unfortunately, we’re nowhere near done with Ralph, because Barry pieces together that there were way more metas in Iron Heights, and DeVoe was only interested in the bus metas of which Ralph is the lone survivor.

Last impressions: Suffering through another Ralph-centric episode was worth getting Barry out of prison, no matter how implausible the circumstances. There was some good character work from Barry as his boy-scout nature was reinforced. DeVoe motivations and plans are just as muddled as ever, and while it was nice to see them check in, the DeVoes gave the episode an overstuffed feeling.

Craig Wack

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