Will Someone Please Finally Give Dichen Lachman Her Own Series?

I don’t need to tell you what a versatile, fantastic, kickass actress Dichen Lachman is, do I?

She’s been in so many beloved series,

from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Dollhouse (which she totally stole away from Eliza Dushku), from Torchwood and Being Human to The 100 and The Last Ship; from Shameless to Supergirl, and the Australian mandate, Neighbors to where you’ll find her right now on Netflix’s Altered Carbon — you’d have to be watching TV asleep not to be blown away by her consistently great performances.

It is specifically now that I bring up this superhero’s (she doesn’t just play several) insane talent, having seen Altered Carbon, where she gives her character the nuanced, breathtaking, sometimes terrifying depth so crucial to the key role of Reileen Kawahara. Seemingly an expert with any weapon, and doing crazy stunts as in …

Altered Carbon‘s twelfth episode, when …

****MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD. Don’t read if you haven’t watched the entire series.

Altered Carbon SPOILERS ****

… Lachman’s Reileen, completely naked, fights with a sword against Martha Higareda’s Ortega (who’s also pretty badass).

Dichen and does it so incredibly well, the nudity (even multiplied) barely matters.

The scene is one of the series’ best — again, not because of the nudity — because of Lachman; she is completely without self-consciousness, and fights without reserve. It’s a brilliant showing, and it only goes to highlight how underrated Lachman is.

As those who’ve finished the series know, Reileen is infused with both despicability and vulnerability, a difficult feat considering the final episodes’ reveals. She’s proven herself time and again, and if Altered Carbon doesn’t finally take Dichen Lachman next level, if someone doesn’t give this woman her own show, we’ll just keep on singing her praises until that lucky showrunner wakes up.



(photos via The Wrap and Netflix)

Cindy Davis

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