Outlander‘s Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Prove They Had Instant Chemistry in Their First Screen Test Together

Back in 2013, Outlander showrunner Ron Moore was pretty certain Caitriona Balfe was right to play Claire Beauchamp Randall … Fraser, and there was something that cleared any lingering doubt from his mind.

We were looking for chemistry between the two characters. We really felt that Cat was probably going to be the one, but this was the final moment. This was literally when she sealed the deal and got the show.”

That moment is now available for all to see, and it’s certainly clear why Balfe was chosen — her wordless emoting is spot on.

It’s actually pretty amazing to see the pair in their early days together; the chemistry is instant, the rapport, real. And, oh my goodness, look at baby-faced Sam.

Check out the whole screen test.

So serious …

Caitriona really knows how to let all the little emotional nuances play across her face.

Watch her eyes and breathing, here.

Balfe’s been Golden Globe nominated several times, but the Emmys really need to play catch-up, don’t we think?

The magic between them is real.

The actors are still adorable, if not a little shy, when the scene is finished and they’re just waiting … cameras still running.

But, the chemistry is clearly still there, and Sam gives his about-to-be costar proper credit …

… and apologies for his enthusiasm. Ah-dorable!

Outlander, Season 3 is available on DVD, April 10th.

Cindy Davis

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