Arrow, ‘Collision Course’: Clashing Arrow Teams Could Really Use a Couples Counselor

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 14, “Collision Course”

It’s always uncomfortable watching Mom and Dad fight, and that’s what the battle of wills between Oliver and Dinah in this episode felt like. You throw in a heaping helping of Laurel redemption, and what you get is … well, not Arrow‘s finest hour. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Star City really needs that $70 million Cayden James extorted; unfortunately it hasn’t been recovered yet, which leaves both the city and its mayor/vigilante savior in crisis. It’s eventually discovered that Black Siren withdrew all the money from the banana republic bank it was sent to. That knowledge only intensifies the unresolved tension between Team Arrow and Team Hoss.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: This week’s Quentin/Black Siren storyline felt lifted right out of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, with Quentin playing the part of the nervous kid trying to hide the being from another world. I’ve been on the record as being anti-Laurel redemption, and this episode took things to creepy new heights. Quentin has pretty much lost his goddamned mind, which Black Siren plans to take full advantage of.

Sex and the Olicity: Other than a cute scene of domestic tranquility that involved Making Cookies for Science!, it was all business with our favorite power couple.

What about the action:  With James out of the way and the teams at each other’s throats, there was plenty of opportunity for extended fight sequences. Both teams came off as unlikable this episode, as they seemed to go out of their way to press each others’ buttons. It didn’t help that Dinah was a leather-clad rage monster for most of the time. But, I guess desperation makes people act out of character, and there was plenty of desperation to go around as Ollie and his supporters were frantic to get the city’s money back, Dinah and her boys are anxious to get justice for Vinny, and Quentin needed to make a connection with his resurrected daughter from another Earth. It all climaxes in a big battle at Quentin’s cabin. Ollie kicks the crap out of Rene, sending him to the hospital. Curtis fries Diggle’s arm implant. Felicity is nearly shot. Dinah seemed primed to snap Laurel’s neck, but she’s talked off the ledge by Curtis, which gives Laurel just enough of an opening to escape.

What’s next: The money isn’t recovered, Ollie has failed the city, and the DA has some kind of backdoor plan to take Ollie down. But don’t worry, Black Siren has a plan to steal Laurel Lance’s identity, which I’m sure will work out for everyone.

Last impressions:  One of the greatest weaknesses of any series is when characters behave a particular way because the plot demands it. This episode was rife with these kinds of moments. It could be explained that desperation makes people do some crazy stuff, but that only works to a point. Let’s just say that Arrow didn’t do itself any favors by making Thea the most responsible adult in the room. You throw that in with Juliana Harkavy’s choice to say most of her lines in this episode without separating her teeth, and you get an episode that was tough to watch on a lot of levels. What makes things worse is that it feels like there’s going to be more of this exact same storytelling through the home stretch of the season.

Craig Wack

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