Prospect Teaser: In This Sci-Fi/WesternJay Duplass Tries to Put on His Best Anton Chigurh …

That I can’t quite picture Jay Duplass (Transparent, Togetherness) as a badass could be more my problem than his, but his drawl in this Prospect trailer reads more wet noodle than anything else. Heck, even Oberyn Pedro Pascal looks more irritated he has to sit through a *threatening* speech, than afraid.

I like the idea of a science fiction/western (reads like a war movie to me) story; this one’s about a father and his daughter mining an alien planet, and finding out they’re not alone. Despite a few quick down and dirty scare shots and a decent cast, it’s hard to get worked up over that cartoonish take on a bad guy. But hey, maybe he gets a really bad haircut somewhere down the line!

Check it:

Prospect is written and directed by Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl, based on a short by the pair, and stars Pedro Pascal, Jay Duplass, Andre Royo, Anwan Glover and Sophie Thatcher. It premieres March 10th.


Cindy Davis

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