Arrow, ‘Doppelganger’: Animosity Set Aside to Save an Old Friend

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 15, “Doppelganger”

Maybe it was seeing Thea in costume or seeing Roy at all, but like its sister show, The Flash, this week’s episode felt nostalgic. It didn’t hurt that the whole hero vs. hero nonsense that has dominated the last half of the season was shipped to the back burner. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Ollie’s court case seems to have taken a turn for the better thanks to Cayden James being dead, and not able to testify. However, the prosecutor has an ace up his sleeve in the guise of one Roy Harper. To compound his trouble, Ollie discovers that Drug Lord Diaz has most cops — and just about anyone else of significance — on his payroll. Despite corruption running deep and the city still broke, job No. 1 is to find and rescue Roy.

Meanwhile in B-plot land:  We can’t have an episode without Black Siren in the mix. She’s trying to assume Laurel’s identity, in order to keep either Dinah or Diaz from taking her out. Fat load of good that plan does, as she’s scooped up by Diaz’s crooked cops thirty seconds after Quentin leaves the room. She’s brought before Diaz, who while not happy with her, isn’t so unhappy he doesn’t want to keep her as a part of his plans. She comes back with Roy’s whereabouts, and a story how she really wants to live up dead Laurel’s memory. It’s all proven to be a load of crap when she gets an atta girl text from Diaz.

Sex and the Olicity: Ollie’s been too busy Arrowing to spend quality time with his blushing bride, so Felicity has to multitask with a combo pep talk, smooch session, and quiz about when he’s going to turn the hood back over to Diggle.

What about the action: It was nice seeing Thea back in her Speedy uniform. She was as determined to save Roy, as Dinah was last week about killing Black Siren. This episode moved a lot of plot pieces around so we got some trick arrows in the first try at saving Roy, Diaz showing he’s more than just a while collar criminal, thanks to a sparring session on an abandoned Cirque de Solei set, and the big set piece where Ollie, Diggle and Thea storm the casino to ultimately save Roy. The interlude of the main fight where through a chain of moves, one arrow took out about four henchmen, was a new and interesting slice of fight choreography.

What’s next: Once the dust settled, Thea and Roy are reunited. Quentin and Dinah are investigating how deep the rot in the city goes. The city is still broke. And Diaz’s plans (which include Laurel and Anatoly) are seemingly going the way they are supposed to. That’s not really enough moving parts, so let’s bring back the League of Assassins after the show takes another multi-week hiatus? Ok? Great.

Last impressions: The quality of this episode rode on what it wasn’t, rather than what it was. Thanks to cease-fire in the great hero war, the eye-rolling and yelling at the TV was reserved only for scenes involving Laurel, which has been the case throughout Arrow‘s run. In the end we got a well executed scene-setter of an episode, that was steeped in Arrow nostalgia, but was still able to advance the plot to a satisfying degree.

Craig Wack

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