Holy … The Exorcist‘s William Friedkin Heads Back to His Roots, Documenting an Actual Exorcism

“There’s a dimension in this world that is strange, and beyond our capacity to control.”

… said every Republican in 2018.

Seriously though, there are definitely things besides Trump that don’t seem to have any logical explanation, and some of them are people who are (or who believe they are) possessed. It’s a fascinating subject, as evidenced by our insatiable interest in all things The Exorcist, from the William Peter Blatty book to the 1973 movie (and its many sequels, prequels and spinoffs), to the television series and beyond (Outcast, anyone?).

Early in his career, William Friedkin — whose The Exorcist won five Oscars — made several documentaries and now he’s returning to those roots with a documentary that has a second familiarity. The Devil and Father Amorth features the director filming Father Gabriele Amorth (the now deceased official exorcist of the Diocese of Rome) performing a real exorcism. And lest we think this is old hat for the man who is no stranger to the subject, Friedkin called the experience “terrifying”.

Here’s the trailer for his must-see accounting.

There now, that wasn’t at all creepy, now was it?

William Friedkin’s The Devil and Father Amorth will be in limited theaters, beginning April 20th.


Cindy Davis

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