Rellik: Game of Thrones‘ Richard Dormer’s about to Memento His Way Through a Series of Horrific Crimes

The Lord of Blackhaven rides again.

Though we don’t yet know Beric Dondarrion’s Game of Thrones (which differs from his book story) fate, in a different world his portrayer carries on, once again mutilated.

As Rellik‘s (“Killer” backwards) Detective Chief Inspector Gabriel Markham, Richard Dormer suffers an acid attack by the suspect he’s chasing, a story that plays out Memento-like in the Cinemax limited series.

Partnered with Jodi Balfour‘s (Quarry, The Crown) DI Elaine Shepard, and aided by Paterson Joseph‘s (The Leftovers, Peep Show) Dr. Isaac Taylor, the hunt for a serial killer plays out in reverse. Here’s the trailer:

I’m a sucker for everything at play here:  mystery, crime series, serial killer — and the backwards gimmick always adds another layer to the unfolding — add in these fantastic actors, and Rellik becomes downright irresistible.

Also starring Paul Rhys (Luther, Being Human, Victoria), Georgina Rich (Black Mirror, River), and Ray Stevenson (Thor: Ragnarok, Black Sails, Punisher:  War Zone, Rome),  the six-part series already aired in the UK and premieres on Cinemax April 13th.



Cindy Davis

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