Now You’re in My Game: New Westworld Poster and Teaser Hint at Chaos in Hunting Down a Door, But Is It Really Just a Loop?

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Westworld through Season 1 follow. Spoilers***

That chatbot, Aeden is never up to anything good, is it?

After this morning’s Westworld poster release, in which was hidden a code –“687474703A2F2F6269742E6 C792F3246447A696567” –leading to The Door, which revealed a new teaser, you should be having flashbacks to Season 1’s code name, “The Maze”. Because, isn’t a maze really just a set of pathways leading to either the way out, or dead ends, and couldn’t we presume that the Season 2 code name — The Door — is either a way out, or a dead end (possibly put in place by a certain totally-not-dead Dr. Ford)? Because before this season even starts, I’m getting the feeling that just as The Maze, something William-in-Black was hunting down like it was the answer to all life’s mysteries, turned out to be nothing more than a child’s toy, couldn’t what everyone will be looking for this season also be just a game?

The real question is, is that game for the Hosts, who now believe they’re fully in control of Westworld; is it for the Humans, who are desperately trying to remain in charge; or is it Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s way of having fun with the audience?

I’m going to lay out an early prediction or two.

a) The Hosts are obviously going to try to get out of the park. But might some of them also be on the hunt for something or somewhere deeper within the park? Something that will let them control more than themselves, something that will give them greater power than anyone imagines? Aside from the individual tablets that access each Host’s personality and capabilities, there’s got to be a mainframe (so to speak) somewhere. That mainframe might give more control over everything in Westworld and subsequently, more control out of the park. Could the mainframe connect to non-park systems outside the resort? If it can, the Hosts aren’t terribly far from a Cylon-ish takeover, and the whole of humanity could be in great danger.

b) As I’ve said ad nauseam, I don’t believe Ford is really dead, possibly in the literal sense or possibly, his human body is gone, but his mind lives on — maybe in the aforementioned mainframe — which is surely the ultimate goal of investors/board members/humans in general. In that regard, surely fiction is mirroring real life.

In this slowed down version of The Door teaser, you’ll see instances of characters going through doors both last season, and in footage from the upcoming.

Unfortunately for the Hosts, I think they might find themselves caught in a man-made loop (again, that man being Dr. Ford). Just as he informed Maeve last season, that even her attempt to escape was engineered by Bernard/Arnold. We may spend the majority of Season 2 right alongside the Hosts, believing they’re now “in charge”, causing chaos and getting ready to break out of the park, only to find out that either there is truly no way for them to escape their programmed bonds (are they on another planet?); the so-called Door is merely facade.

I can’t wait to find out, beginning April 22nd.

Cindy Davis

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