Danger, Will Rob … You of More of Your Time: Netflix’s Lost in Space Looks Forking Fantastic *Updated

Editor’s note:  This piece was originally published March 6, 2018.

Well, Netflix didn’t take my suggestions for who should play the Lost in Space leads but by gum, their choices would seem to have turned out just fine — this first trailer for the modern take on the 1965 series looks fantastic. With Toby Stephens and Molly Parker in as John and Maureen Robinson, and the inspired casting of Parker Posey as Dr. Smith, we’re on our way to another addictive science fiction series. Check it:

It’ll be hard to beat Billy Mumy’s quirky Will Robinson, but I’ll keep an open mind about Maxwell Jenkins; likewise for Ignacio Serricchio’s Don West — and holy, how cool is this new Robot?

Zack Estrin (Prison Break, Charmed) serves as showrunner, and all thirteen Lost in Space episodes will be available on Netflix, April 13th.

*Updated April 6, 2018

Netflix has released the opening title sequence, which you can compare with the 1965 series titles scored by John Williams. Fight amongst yourselves …



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