No Taboo: Tom Hardy Undergoes a Wild Transformation Playing Yet Another Jailed Criminal

Oh, Tom …

Before we get started, let’s just address the elephant … sized Leo in the virtual room. Can we all agree that making bets involving permanent marks on one’s body isn’t, perhaps, the best idea?

Moving right along …

… for a guy who started out as a model, Hardy sure does like to cover up the pretty in all kinds of ways, not always to his detriment.

I do admire his ability to completely transform himself and with Tom, he seems to have a thing for playing criminals, both real and imagined.

So, it came as no surprise Hardy would choose to again make himself over as another famous mobster, but prepare yourself to be blown away because this

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as Chicago’s own Al Capone.

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The Josh Trank (Fantastic Four) directed Fonzo also stars Linda Cardellini as Mae Capone, Kyle MacLachlan as Karlock, Matt Dillon as Johnny, and Jack Lowden as FBI Agent Crawford.

I mean, kudos again, Tom — but I think we could all use a little callback to another of your roles,

just to clear our minds a little. Also … puppies!

Fonzo hits theaters later this year.

Cindy Davis

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