In Darkness Trailer: Game of Thrones‘ Queen Margaery, Daario (1.0), and a Gone Girl-er Walk into a Room …

Once and former Game of Thrones (true) queen, and smirker extraordinaire,

Natalie Dormer may have been out of our view for a short while, but she’s hardly been resting on her laurels. Soon to be seen in Amazon’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, she’s also starring in a new film that she just happened to write (pre-GoT), herself — along with her director fiancé, Anthony Byrne (The Last Kingdom, Mr Selfridge, Ripper Street).

Dormer stars in the thriller, In Darkness, alongside another queen’s once and former boy toy, Ed Skrein — aka Daario 1.0 — and Gone Girl‘s Emily Ratajkowski. Playing a blind woman who’s “witness” to, and may know a little more about than she’s willing to admit, a woman’s purported suicide, Margaery Dormer’s Sofia becomes quite popular, though not in a way that anyone would actually want to be attended to. It’s a decent teaser, though I wonder if the twist is easily guessable …

… you see, Ratajkowski’s Veronique was the daughter of a war criminal, a fact I’m thinking Sofia knew before they met. My predictions are:

  • Sofia isn’t really blind.
  • Sofia is an undercover agent of some sort, or
  • Sofia wanted revenge against Veronique’s father, and had something to do with her death.
  • Sofia is one of the obscured little girls in this photo:

We’ll have to wait for the reveal until May 18th, when In Darkness hits theaters.


Cindy Davis

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