Supergirl, ‘Schott Through the Heart’: Kara and Company Are a Welcome Sight Despite a Slight Detour

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 14, “Schott Through the Heart”

Timing is often everything, and this week’s Supergirl is proof of that. The episode plays lip service to the main story and is chock full of secondary plots — the exact kind of episode structure that has caused frustration on sibling shows, The Flash and Arrow. However we’re willing to give Supergirl a pass because we haven’t had Kara and the gang in our lives in a while, so we’re more than willing to attend karaoke night with them. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop:  In the middle of said karaoke night, Winn sees on TV that his father died in prison. Winn is conflicted because his father was the evil Toyman, which has made Winn’s life more difficult. On the other hand it was his dad, so there’s grief there, no matter how estranged they might be. Thing get more complicated when Winn’s mom (played by Oscar nominee, Laurie Metcalf) comes back on the scene. Mother and son have had no contact for 20 years, but she explains that it comes from fear because Winn’s dad threatened Winn’s life if she ever had contact with their son ever again. It seems like dear old dad is trying to make good on that threat from beyond the grave when his casket explodes at the funeral.

Meanwhile in B Plot Land:  There was a bunch of stuff going on around the edges of the main story. Primarily, it was Alex and the Martians. She gets herself invited to J’onn and M’yronn’s new bachelor pad for dinner. Alex remembers she’s a medical doctor as she notices signs of dementia in M’yronn. He gets angry and boots her out of the apartment before dessert. There’s no real conflict here, as J’onn tries figure out what happened. Alex and J’onn have a grown-up discussion about it (this is what I missed the most about Supergirl) where Alex makes it clear that something isn’t right, but it’s not her place to give detail. Remember, Mon-El had a bombshell dropped on him by Imra, about the true reason why they are on this mission. Mon-El wants to fill Kara in because it’s vital to her mission. Kara thinks he’s asking for relationship help, and she’s not equipped to help her ex-boyfriend navigate issues with his new bride. When he clears up the situation, Kara is onboard to learn some Legion tricks, which is a reversal of their dynamic from last season. Also, Jimmy is having a difficult time touching base with Lena.

Meet Me on the Balcony:  After Winn’s mom takes a breather after an attempt on her life, she has a balcony chat with Kara about how proud she is of how Winn turned out, despite his tumultuous upbringing.

What about the action: There have been times this season when it felt like Supergirl was trying to save money on effects and the action suffered. This was not one of those occasions. The show broke out its no-limit credit card to stage some exciting scenes involving swarms of flying monkeys, killer remote control cars, and an animatronic T-Rex. Winn’s dad had an admirer in prison, a maintenance worker whose mind Toyman twisted into carrying out his murderous final wishes. Of course, Winn’s mom puts herself in unnecessary danger when sends the cavalry coming. Winn saves his mom. Mon-El saves Kara, thanks to some nifty cape tricks, and karaoke night resumes (side note, in future karaoke episodes, give a singing powerhouse like Jeremy Jordan more of platform).

What’s next:  Mon-El tells Kara that the blight of the future is caused by one of the Kryptionan worldkillers in the present, so that seems important. Lena finally checks in. She’s been super busy down in a secret facility, watching over an unconscious Samantha.

Last impressions:  Few shows in the comic hero genre do the family dynamic as well as Supergirl. The episode leaned into the groundwork pretty hard. Like I said earlier, in a different light, this episode would have been a frustrating, unnecessary side trip while the baddies are MIA. However, since we haven’t hung out with this group in such a long time, a character-focused, action-oriented side trip is welcome.

Craig Wack

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