Supergirl, ‘In Search of Lost Time’: Who Put a Medical Drama in My Superhero Show?

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 15, “In Search of Lost Time”

There were times early in this show’s run where you’d have sworn it was channeling the kind of angsty teen drama made popular by shows like Dawson’s Creek. Every week on Kara’s Creek she was mooning over some boy or another. This week with medical issues running as a thread through the episode, I could have mistaken it for an episode of Danvers’ Anatomy. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop:  When not being adorable during family game night, Kara and the gang are preparing themselves for the return of the Worldkillers. Tops on the to-do list is Mon-El teaching Kara the fine art of 31st Century cape fighting, which flips the script of last season, when Kara was teaching a reluctant Mon-El the basics of being a hero. J’onn and M’yrnn are dealing with M’yrnn’s dementia as best as they can. Alex makes a Superfriends reference when she mentions that the “Trouble Alert” says an alien is tearing up the bar.

Meanwhile in B Plot Land: Lena continues to treat Samantha for her blackouts, and has pieced together that Sam and Reign are one in the same. If it’s any consolation, Sam is a different person all the way down to the DNA, when Reign takes over. Like any rational person, Sam denies she’s this remorseless killing machine.

Meet Me on the Balcony: There were no scenes on the balcony this week. The closest we come is during the episode’s resolution; Kara and Mon-El talk about their feelings and whatnot on a bench in the training room.

What about the action: It turns out that to combat his issues, M’rynn is performing ritual to help preserve his memories. Unfortunately it requires a ton of mental energy and he can’t quite contain it all. It’s what set off the alien, and when J’onn moves his dad into the DEO, it sets the whole base into a rage. Kara, already agitated because she’s not picking up her cape skills right away and training with Mon-El is opening some old wounds, lashes out on Mon-El, both physically and emotionally. Chaos erupts, and agents start a wild melee. Meanwhile, Lena triggers Sam into becoming Reign to offer her definitive proof that they are two personalities in one body. Sam is crushed when she is presented with the video evidence. It becomes a battle of wills, but M’rynn finally comes to his senses and accepts a Fitbit that dampens his psychic powers. He apologizes to the DEO for his selfishness, and they accept because for them it’s just another Tuesday at work.

What’s next: Birds are falling from the sky; that means Pestilence is in town.

Last impressions:  Supergirl is better than any other CW show of its kind at taking side trips, but still keeping a tether to the main overarching story, and staying true to its characters. The M’rynn drama is totally extraneous to the plot, but it impacts Kara’s preparation for her next big showdown, and it helps clear the tension when she realizes she’s romanticized her relationship with Mon-El and hasn’t completely processed all the emotions concerning it. It was also a neat trick to have Lena go all mean girl on Sam at the same time M’rynn was having an episode that was sending the DEO into a rage. Lena’s actions were independent of the psychic assault, but it was a nice parallel. Not sure how well the “sometimes I have to keep secrets” caveat in the Lena-Jimmy relationship is going to work out but hey, at least Jimmy is semi-relevant again. The best part about these first two episodes is that the characters haven’t changed personalities because the plot demands they do. Sometimes it’s the little victories that make a show an enjoyable watch.

Craig Wack

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