The Flash, ‘Fury Rogue’: Guest Stars Can’t Spice Up Another Cookie Cutter Episode

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 19, “Fury Rogue”

Barry Allen crying on The Flash used to be as dependable as the sunrise. Marrying Iris has largely managed to keep the water works in check, despite some pretty terrible things happening to him. This episode was all about letting Weepy Barry once again roam free. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop:  We’re led to believe that the loss of Ralph has hit Team Flash hard, and everyone has spent the last few days processing their grief, except for Barry — who has decided to set his grief on a shelf to tinker with at a later date. It makes some sense, since DeVoe is still out there and the team has to move a juicy target, meta Fallout to the hands of ARGUS. With Killer Frost MIA, Barry enlists the help of Leo Snart from Earth X to cool down Fallout, in case something goes sideways. Unfortunately, there’s a stowaway in the form of Evil Nazi Siren Laurel, who is the last holdout from Earth X’s previous regime. We get a few glimpses of what Devoe is up to, which mainly involves a lot of pontificating, while being a total dick to his wife.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land:  Harry infusing his helmet with dark matter has all the terrible side effects that Cisco predicted. The dark matter is now sapping Harry of his intelligence, and soon he’ll have trouble tying his shoes, which means his high tech inventing days are numbered. Cisco wonders if a second helmet would help. Harry goes through the motions of copying his design, before purposely breaking it and spilling the beans about his situation to Cisco, who in turn gives Harry a pep talk about how he brings more to the team than intelligence.

What about the action:  Most of the episode’s effects are devoted to either Fallout, or Evil Nazi Siren Laurel using her powers. Barry spends most of the episode indecisive, and trying to ignore Snart’s pleas to just let out his pent up emotion. DeVoe does make a play for Fallout, but is thwarted by the combination of Barry’s moping and wildcard, Evil Nazi Siren Laurel coming on the scene. Evil Nazi Siren Laurel takes Fallout to the Central City PD to kill some cops, which sets up a final showdown where Fallout is about to go critical, and Barry is paralyzed by doubt and remorse. Barry finally lets it all out, kayoing Evil Nazi Siren Laurel, and giving Snart and Caitlin a chance to cool Fallout down. Barry rushes to his old lab for a good cry, and ends the episode where it began, in the office of the couples therapist.

What’s next: DeVoe actually has an endgame, and it involves building a big gadget.

Last impressions:  We are too deep into the season to be forced to suffer through an episode this inconsequential. Once again, players are acting out of character because the plot demanded it. You can’t convince me that a man so quick to cry over the last four seasons needs a guide from an alternate universe to help him get in touch with his emotions. The addition of Evil Nazi Siren Laurel was unnecessary. I would have much rather The Flash steal a page from last week’s Arrow, and see it spend more time fleshing out its poorly realized villain. The scenes with The Thinker and The Mechanic were well worn, but at least they were interesting, especially since it’s becoming more and more obvious that DeVoe’s beleaguered wife is going to be his downfall. The final episodes of this season can’t tic by fast enough.

Craig Wack

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