The Flash, ‘Therefore She Is’: DeVoe’s Grand Plan Revealed and It’s Literally Stupid

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 20, “Therefore She Is”

It took 20 episodes, but we finally found out what The Thinker’s grand plan is – it’s a Stupid Ray. Sure DeVoe sells the whole concept a little more highbrow, but at the end of the day, he’s been wanting to build a laser system to dumb down humanity. This revelation opens the series to an infinite number of jokes like: If DeVoe wanted to make people dumber, he should have just had them watch Season 4 of The Flash! Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode.

What’s the scoop: Much of the meat of the hour is in flashback to the courtship of Clifford, The Thinker and Marlize, The Mechanic. It should come as no surprise that DeVoe always been a tool to the woman who would be his wife. There’s no small amount of irony that despite the fact that all season he’s been so dependent on the high tech gadgets, he believes technology will be the downfall of humanity, because our first instinct is to weaponize our advancements rather than use them to better the human condition. When Marlize first reads his manifesto, she sees him for the loon that he is and she leaves, which turns him into a whimpering pile of jelly. But, a violent incident while she was on a humanitarian mission puts her in DeVoe’s corner.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land:  After letting it sit for a couple of weeks, they finally deal with Cisco’s job offer to join the Breachers, and be with his beloved Gypsy all the time. Cisco is torn between his STAR Labs family and his lady love. Barry tries to rom-com the situation, but that only causes more tension. After the big showdown with DeVoe, Cisco and Gypsy decide to part ways because while he wants to be with her all the time, she’d rather focus on her career. Poor Cisco, the universe continues to conspire to keep him from getting laid.

What about the action: When not in flashback mode, the DeVoes stage a series of heists to find and steal the components of the Stupid Ray, while Team Flash is back at STAR Labs dealing with the personal crises of Cisco, Harry and Caitlin (oh, and also trying to figure out DeVoe’s next move). With Cecile’s help, Harry figures out what DeVoe is trying to build and they reverse engineer the Stupid Ray, and figure out where DeVoe will show up next. During the battle, The Mechanic and The Thinker have a philosophical break. She was under the impression DeVoe was going to help humanity, not turn everyone into mindless apes with himself as their intellectual superior. The last straw is when DeVoe tries to kill Gypsy for no apparent reason. When they get back to their pocket dimension, Marlize packs up her Future Chair and pleather jumpsuit, and leaves DeVoe.

What’s next: Mystery girl who pops up at the end of every fifth episode is a speedster, and is seemingly scared of Iris.

Last impressions:  We waited around all season for this? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing more comic book than a dude called The Thinker building a Stupid Ray. However, the journey to DeVoe’s endgame feels more like a Rube Goldberg device than a finely oiled machine. So, you are telling me that a guy with a Future Chair and army of RoboSamurai needed to drag Barry out of the Speed Force, create a literal busload of new metas and absorb their powers, just so he can steal the bulky components of his Weapon of Mass Lobotomization? From a story perspective, this season has been all over the map, with the writing staff dealing with dangling plot threads only when they threaten to tip everything over. Next week looks like more of the same, with the return of Amunet, and what we can only assume will be a focus on Caitlin trying to get her powers back. This haphazard season makes me long for the days when Barry just needed to run faster to thwart the Big Bad speedster du jour, and after Savitar, I never expected that thought to enter my head.

Craig Wack

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