HBO’s Discover Westworld Site Is Glitching with Clues, and What Can We Glean from the ‘Virtù e Fortuna’ Trailer?

Welcome back to the days where we overanalyze everything Westworld-related; between this series and Legion, my brain will be fried in about … oh, let’s face it, my brain is already fried. Regardless, there are few interesting things happening this week (renewed for Season 3), so let’s get to it. Spoilers, obviously — through Season 2, Episode 2 — and speculation beyond; Episode 3, “Virtù e Fortuna” (Virtue and Fortune).

Firstly, the Discover Westworld site appears to be in a state of permanent glitching, and if only I knew more about lines of programming and bar codes, I might understand what the heck is being communicated to us, but I’ll have to rely on you more nerdy folks to step in. Have a look at the video of what’s happening, and then we’ll chat screenshots.

That’s William telling Dolores, “Your world was built for me, for people like me. Not for you.”

Dolores seemingly replies:  “Someone’s gonna burn it clean.”

That’s our girl. Speaking of Dolores, I’m pretty sure she gets shot in the Episode 3 preview, but nothing slows a good gunslinger down.

Right before she fires, there’s a little squint 00 like she took a hit, no?

Back to the glitching thing. Here are a few screenshots, that I’m certain hold clues. I’ll invite any of you geniuses out there to help the rest of us through what exactly they are.

Here’s an explanation of that “Watchdog” command — what I can work out is that it’s used to automatically check that a system is working properly, by repeating a set sequence of checks. If something fails, depending on set options, the Watchdog will complete certain actions an/or shut down the system.

The rest of these look as if there’s some bar code imagery, meaning I’m basically lost, except that second screencap almost appears to be of people at the demonstration/party in “Reunion“. The last one almost looks like a building with people around it, but zooming in, less so.

Now, back to the “Virtù e Fortuna” trailer:

It looks like we’ll finally get to check out those masked Hosts, who may or may not be from Samurai World, and quite possibly have joined Team Dolores and Angela.

This is not Dolores or Angela standing over Bernard — so who is it?

Because I’d seen this Korean “My Dream” trailer, I knew it was Clementine. Hopefully, she’s not as menacing toward Bernard as she seems.

The bottom line for S3 E3 appears to be that full-on war between humans and Hosts has begun.

There appears to be streaky glass between us and Maeve, so this shot is strange — because behind them, it looks like they’re outside (and possibly someone holding a weapon — Armistice?).

It looks like we’ll get to see that gorgeous Bengal tiger before it died.

Before we check out, I have to ask if you’ve heard about the “B = T” Theory, which at first I thought was a million times more ridiculous than my There Are No Longer Humans in Westworld Theory, but after I read through the explanation, am a tiny bit open to. That said, I’m not certain I know why Felix (?) would have swapped out Host “brains”, least of all Teddy’s for Bernard’s, but hey — THIS IS WESTWORLD. If the Man in Black can cut off William’s mole, I guess anything can happen.

“Virtù e Fortuna” is directed by Robert J. Lewis (Person of Interest, CSI) written by Roberto Patino (“Journey into Night”) and Ron Fitzgerald (Weeds, Friday Night Lights), and airs on HBO this Sunday.


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