The Flash, ‘Harry and the Harrisons’: The Team Takes Time Out to Prepare for the Finale

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 21, “Harry and the Harrisons”

Normally when the season’s big bad goes MIA this close to the end of the season, it’s frustrating to no end. However, “Harry and the Harrisons” is actually a welcome respite, because after a season spent establishing the DeVoes and Ralph, this round focuses on the core characters. Everyone got a little development, the tone was light given the gravity of the mission, and Team Flash got their MacGuffin.  Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop:  This was a bunch of secondary plots lashed together, but it worked. Team Flash needs a way to knock out the satellites carrying DeVoe’s Stupid Ray. They can’t use tech, so they figure they need to find Amunet (who has gone underground since her last run-in with Barry) to use the metal she controls to get the job done. Caitlin needs Amunet for her own reason, which she keeps secret from most of the team. Iris writes a story that lays out DeVoe’s entire plan but Barry’s afraid it might cause a panic.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land:  And then, there’s Harry. Still struggling with his failing intelligence, he calls a meeting of the Council of Wells to use the brain trust to collectively outthink DeVoe. That doesn’t go well once the one Wells they summon discovers Harry is a “dum-dum”. So it’s off to Plan B, which is the Council of Harrisons, consisting of the McConaughey/Hefner, Tony Soprano and Stereotypical Frenchman versions of himself. They suggest that Harry tap into his emotional intelligence to outfox DeVoe. In the end, Harry correctly deduces that the reason why DeVoe hasn’t acted yet is because he and his wife are on the outs.

What about the action:  There were a couple of small instances where Barry was let loose to do his thing, mostly it was to catch shards fired by Amunet. This episode was more concerned with the characters, so there was plenty of Joe dadding Caitlin about keeping secrets from the team, Barry wanting to be supportive of Iris’ ideas (but not wanting to cause riots), Cisco son-ning Wells, and Katee Sackhoff’s Amunet as the crazy glue that binds everything together. In the end, Caitlin discovers that the gizmo that was used on her before was a placebo, and the keys to unlock Killer Frost are still within her, Amunet gets an El Camino-load of her shards back from her Snake-Eyed former henchman, the gang gets the object they need to take out DeVoe’s equipment, and Iris runs her story — which inspires the people to start to crowdsource DeVoe’s location, rather than steal TVs until they become dumb.

What’s next:  Time to get DeVoe.

Last impressions:  This has been the most enjoyable episode of The Flash in a while. Was it perfect, or even very good? No, it probably wasn’t. However, the focus on the characters we care about, mixed in with a healthy dose of the season’s wackiest villain, was time much better spent than any focus on DeVoe, or attempts to make Ralph sympathetic.

Craig Wack

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