The Flash, ‘We Are the Flash’: Season Takes Sweet Turn in Solid Finale

The Flash, Season 4, Episode 23, “We Are the Flash”

The Flash was able to assemble a fairly good season out of the mixed bag it had to work with. Most of it stems from the show working to a definite endpoint, which must be more difficult than meets the eye. Looking at you Arrow. Here, The Flash used all the season’s varying story elements in harmony, kept the pace quick, resolved many things, and still left room for a minor cliffhanger at the end. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of The Flash:

What’s the scoop: DeVoe’s Stupid Ray is on, but will take a few minutes before reaching full capacity, ending the world with a new Stone Age. With The Mechanic on the side of the right, she and Team Flash deduce that with the help of Cecile’s pregnancy triggered mind powers, that the can use the Future Chair to allow Barry to enter DeVoe’s mind, and convince the “good” parts of DeVoe to overtake the bad and end the madness. But, they are on two clocks: the Stupid Ray’s warmup time, and Cecile’s baby’s desire to exit her current living quarters.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land: Harry has turned into a blubbering mess and that makes everybody sad. He has Cisco put on his Thinking Cap so he can be coherent enough to help Barry find the location of Good DeVoe. Before turning off the helmet, he gives Cisco a brotherly hug. Once the main story is resolved, The Mechanic leaves the team with a parting gift, a gizmo that will restore Harry. They believe it will restore Harry to his factory specs. Team Flash is a little taken aback when Harry isn’t the pompous genius he used to be, though Harry is ok with that, because he still retained all of the empathy that his state of diminished intelligence created. He likes the balance and his team family. Awww, group hug!

What about the action: While jaunting through DeVoe’s memories Barry stumbles across Ralph, who has been trapped and taunted by DeVoe. After some warm hellos, Barry and Ralph set out to find good DeVoe. For the length of a commercial break it seems like all hope is lost, until Barry realizes that the reason why Ralph is still around is that despite current appearances, they are in fact in Ralph’s body. Barry uses his degree in Fake Science to determine that if they are able to get Ralph to a nexus point, they can put Ralph back in control of his body, and make DeVoe cease to exist. From here The Flash takes a page from the Matrix trilogy, and sees Barry and Ralph team up to battle DeVoe’s endless army. For the first time all season, we get Barry and Ralph using their powers in unison, and it’s quite fun. Ralph looking like a cape during the climatic dash to the nexus was a nice touch. Ralph takes over, and all seems right with the world. But the ride isn’t over yet. DeVoe briefly transfers his essence to the Future Chair before Marlize rips out the chair’s power core. That triggers the STAR Labs satellite to fall out of orbit and begin hurtling toward Central City, carrying enough mass and velocity to send the world back to prehistoric times the old fashioned way. Barry employs a boatload of speed to punch the main body of the satellite, and avert disaster. Marlize isn’t sure the effort won’t kill Barry, but it’s their only option. Just as Barry is about to hit the satellite, time stops and reverses. Barry goes through the same lead-up to the punch, but this time with a purple shadow behind him. When the moment of impact arrives, there are two fists hitting the falling debris, not one.

What’s next: In the stinger, Mystery Girl reveals herself to be Nora Allen, the daughter of Barry and Iris from the future, and she thinks she’s made a big mistake. Get ready for Flashpoint 2.0 next year, kids, because it feels like Barry was supposed to die saving the world from the satellite, and Nora went back in time to save the father she never knew. This is also the most roundabout way to reveal that Iris is likely pregnant.

Last impressions: The problems with this season were numerous. Chief among them were time spent establishing Ralph, and the decision to make DeVoe only vaguely menacing for much of the season. To The Flash‘s credit, the writers were able to take those lemons and create a decent glass of lemonade for the finale. The most important takeaway is that Team Flash feels closer than at any time since Flashpoint, and this series is at its best when the Flash family is happy.

Craig Wack

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