Supergirl, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’: There’s No Going Home Again

Supergirl, Season 3, Episode 20 “Dark Side of the Moon”

It’s admirable that Supergirl is trying its best to tie everything back to the events of the start of the season, which is an interesting choice, given that the series took an unusually long hiatus halfway through the year. It takes a minute to remember Alex having a girlfriend, or Kara struggling with her Kryptonian roots vs. her human upbringing. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop: Kara and Mon-El are on their way to the space rock that they hope will cure Sam, but there’s more than they bargained for when they reach their destination. It turns out that a city which just so happens to be Kara’s hometown is floating around space, with the magic rock being the reason behind the city’s survival. Much to Kara surprise and delight, Season 3 Mom is there (we miss you Laura Benanti). Unfortunately, the World Killer priestess also there, and that will surprise but not delight Kara when she finds out. A lot of time is spent on catching everyone up, and the hows and whys of Argo City’s survival.

Meanwhile in B Plot Land: With Supergirl in space, powerless and talking a lot, it’s up to Alex to carry the action load this week. Still babysitting Ruby, Alex and her young ward go shopping for ill-fitting Blossom hats for Ruby, when Alex discovers someone is following and trying to kill her. Alex passes Ruby-sitting duties to Winn while she goes over the long list of potential life forms who would want Alex dead. At first she thinks it might be the corrupt sheriff from the flashback episode earlier this season, but when he’s ruled out, J’onn uses himself as bait to lure out the would-be killer. It takes a while, but they smoke out the assassin. J’onn momentarily forgets he can control minds and fly, which leaves Alex with no choice but to conduct a rooftop chase and capture.

Meet Me on the Balcony: There a lovely moment of Dad-ing between J’onn and Alex that helps cover up a “no shit” moment. It takes this exchange while watching Ruby, that motherhood and her life as a devil-may-care, building, hopping secret agent might not exactly mesh. It’s something that fans have been saying since “I want to be a mother” first fell from Alex’s lips. So, I guess it’s good that everyone is on the same page.

What about the action: Reign hasn’t been silent during all of this. She’s been burrowing her way into Lena’s mind. You can actually see Lena turn evil with every exchange. Meanwhile back on Rock City, the city council essentially puts humanity on trial over a couple of pounds of magic rock. Kara makes an impassioned plea on Earth’s behalf before they council calls for a vote. Of course, the Secret Priestess (and they only person not wearing a Kryptonian sigil on her clothing) casts the deciding vote in favor of Earth. Kara and Mon-El return just in time, as Reign has broken free and we’re left with a cliffhanger battle.

What’s next:  Peace out, Earth!

Last impressions:  Like with the cultists last week, Supergirl went sifting deep though its recent past to come up with a story for this week. The episode felt like the setup for the season finale, but there are still three episodes to go. The previews for next week appear to dig up the old chestnut of Kara struggling with her humanity some more, which is another sign that it feels like Supergirl is coasting to the finish.

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