True Love Waits: Legion, ‘Chapter 18’

***Spoiler Warning:  Spoilers for Legion through Season 2, Episode 10 follow. Spoilers*** Last week

In fairy tales true love often triumphs, and though David Haller’s comic story can hardly be counted as a ready-for-Disney-adaptation (*coughBeauty and the Beast?cough*), perhaps Noah Hawley’s imaginative take will continue its sharp turn sideways, backwards and upside-down. Frankly, we’re all richer for the magical ride we’re on and pitched down the magical rabbit hole with Alice Syd, what to do but Marvel at the wondrous power and beauty of it all?

As the weeks go, so does David’s hair gloriously grow to match his terrifying ego, though somewhere inside might be the man — “He’s a good person” — Syd believes in. Despite Melanie’s Farouk’s best efforts to break her “addiction to this delusion of love”, Barrett, the Bunny Rescuer is determined to believe the best of her man (“Have you heard the one where the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?”). Persistent parasite’s parables and preening phoenixes aside, there’s no denying David’s desire to locate Syd and he’ll do whatever it takes (to Oliver) — “Careful Daddy, don’t hurt the vessel, it’s not his fault” — to find her.

With Clark’s Choke plan in place, Cary, Kerry and Co. join the plane, only to be attacked by the Blockheads(less), who emerge from the sinkhole, swinging bolas that incapacitate the Division soldiers, leaving Kerry to take down a horde entirely by herself and oh, does she do it in a most glorious way (brilliant choreography and cinematography here). Following Cary the Pooh’s — “Oh, d-d-d-d-dear!” — trail down the rabbit hole, where Farouk’s monstrous minotaur waits; “Conflict immanent, chance of victory, zero percent. Retreat”, Syd gets out her frustrations to no avail — destiny arrives. Reunited with his body, the Shadow King proves his power, mind-tossing aside the Choke like a tiny toy. The story of the angry boy heralds the approaching showdown; “His face turned red and with a cry he chopped her head … Boo.”

Deep Thoughts:

Legion, the World Killer is finally on full view, his comic self, hair and all. Fanfreakingtastic!

I do hope the story goes a little off course from the comics, in that I unabashedly love Syd and David’s love story, and the idea that Syd might be able to alter at least one future. Remember David’s explanation (french fries!) of all possible existences — multiverses — happening at once? Even if the World Killer has to exist in one universe, Syd and David could happen in another, and that can be the reality WE (Noah Hawley) choose(s).

All hail Dana Gonzalez’ (Fargo, The Fighter, Iron Man 2) direction and the once-again-breathtaking camera work this hour. In particular, Kerry’s fight sequence, the desert sun-backed shots and Farouk’s final rise were stunning.

Speaking of Kerry, Amber Midthunder simply killed it this hour. She’s fantastic in all her fights, but this was sublime.

Jean Smart was next in line, proving herself a force to be reckoned with as a Farouk-possessed-Melanie. I’m not sure we want to know who her pet might actually be.

Her quote, which is actually often incorrectly attributed to Albert Einstein, is one many of us are quite familiar with:
“Have you heard the one where the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?”

Speaking of the minotaur, is that what’s reflecting in Syd’s eye, or somethingone else?

Indeed, in one reality, Lenny seems to be pregnant with a little prince.

I loved the sink hole (drain plug), turned rabbit hole, but pooooor bunny! Syd removing the hook was a disturbing scene (standing by for the PETA complaint).

Those Blockheads — how did they get off the safes (safe words?) and what was that all about?

Songs This Hour:

The series soundtrack continues to be phenomenal. Jeff Russo’s original scoring is perfection, and thank you for the (taking over Westworld‘s) Radiohead (which we’re truly missing from that show, this season).

Radiohead, True Love Waits

Bing Crosby, Swinging on a Star — performed by Jemaine Clement

Jane’s Addiction, Ocean Size

Jeff Russo, 174 Hours

Great Lines:

Melanie (Farouk) to Syd:  “Here we are, addicted to this delusion — love.”

Syd:  “Oliver left and you’re pissed, but that’s not what’s happening to me.”

Melanie/Farouk:  “You know the praying mantis has the right idea; fornicate then eat their heads.

Oh, I’m sure he loves you the way a boy loves his mommy or a dog loves his bone. What he loves is that feeling of power, knowing he was chosen by god, destiny. No piece of ass can ever compete with that.

You can’t convince someone they’re wrong simply by giving the facts. But, a good story will do it every time.Once upon a time there was a boy, a special little boy who had a gift and a curse. What do you think his curse was?”

Syd:  “Someone put a monster in his head.”

Melanie/Farouk:  “No, silly, the monster was the gift. His curse was, he’s insane.”

Syd:  “That was …”

Melanie/Farouk:  “Was what, the devil on his shoulder? Sure, you can make someone do what they don’t want to do. But there’s no force on earth that makes them enjoy it.”

Oliver/Farouk to David:  “How can you kill me, I’m part of you?”

David:  “Know what she told me? Love won’t save us, it’s what we have to save.

I’m the lunatic you turned me into, and I’m ready for my revenge.”

Lenny to the Blockheads:  “Excuse me, um do you know where a girl could find a monastery?”

Melanie/Farouk to Syd:  “It’s not your fault. This is their power, the mind readers. They read our minds, and then they show us what we want to see.

It’s not a choice, it’s who he is. We have to stop him.”

Lenny to Kerry after Cary’s taken:  “You should probably go get him.”

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