Of Betrayal and Exploding Saviors: Preacher, ‘Tom/Brady’

Preacher Season 3, Episode 8: “Tom/Brady”

After spending much of the season slow-dancing its way through story, in Episode 8, Preacher went full rave mode. It didn’t matter if it was the not-so-playful banter between Tulip and Featherstone, or Mama Marie’s visit from her old pal, Satan; every scene was overflowing with salient plot points.

If the final two episodes are as explosive as this one, the end of the season should be downright atomic.


One almost pities Grail Agent Hoover. He’s clever enough to disguise himself as Cassidy and Eccarius’ Uber driver, but not so smart, as he’s immediately recognized and caught.

Hoover’s life as a bargaining chip is short lived when the ransom texts sent to Herr Starr are returned with a less than sympathetic response. Hoover is given two choices: death at the hands of the coven, or accept the embrace of becoming a vampire, and be sent to the “airport.”

Of course, we know both those options have the same end result but in his quest to not die, Hoover chooses to become a vampire.

Meanwhile, Cassidy is trying to see if he can manifest some cool powers after now turning a third person. The only thing he manages to accomplish is to break his host’s lamp. When he takes the broken pieces of the lamp out to the trash, Cassidy notices the blood-soaked neck pillow of the previous vampire who was supposedly sent out into the wild.

Even in his perpetually drug-addled state, Cassidy connects the dots that Eccarius is feeding on those fledgling vampires he creates, which is when he gets his powers. Cassidy confronts Eccarius in the garage, there’s a struggle and in the confusion, Hoover makes his escape.

On the fringe

It should come as no surprise that Madame Marie’s power comes from a deal with the Devil. As long as she feeds on souls it will keep her alive, but once she runs out, it’s straight to Hell to meet all the angry souls she’s sent there over the decades.

She sets up a meeting with Satan to renegotiate her deal, because she knows enough about Jesse and Genesis to realize that the Word of God would be something of great value. Satan does, of course, and sends one of his minions after Tulip as a way of getting to Jesse.

Tulip and Featherstone

The battle of wills between Tulip and Featherstone has been a joy to watch all season. These two, plus Jody, infiltrate the Osaka soul storage facility disguised as representatives sent to conduct a sexual harassment seminar for company managers.

Of course, it’s all ruse to gain access to a particular manager with vault access, but that doesn’t mean Featherstone can’t have a little fun along the way by making Tulip grab the salaryman’s ass as part of a role-play exercise.

Tulip gets the needed ID badge, so while Jody takes care of security with a ball peen hammer and a book of puzzles, Featherstone and Tulip set about getting into the vault. Both have their methods and stumbling blocks, but thanks to the power of a stick of gum, Tulip manages to short the vault moments before Featherstone hacks it.

The rest of the caper is fairly smooth. The trio make their escape easily enough, but things get complicated when as a joke, Tulip unwittingly sets the pursuing devil’s minion after Featherstone. This would be great for Tulip if it weren’t for the O’Hare curse, which plays its hand when Tulip grabs the wrong briefcase out of the overhead.

She and Jody track down Featherstone at the bus stop to Hell where the Saint, Eugene, and Hitler are impatiently waiting.

Jesse and Starr

Starr is playing a dangerous game that for the moment is rather satisfying, but may not end well for him in the long run.

Last episode, we were left with Jesse and Starr in an elevator, holding a gun to Jesse’s head. Jesse does his best Captain America: The Winter Soldier impression by beating up a bunch of goons in the elevator, and shooting the Allfather in the chest.

All that fat blocks the bullet, and the Allfather proceeds with his plan to remove Genesis and place it in Humperdoo. Jesse is strapped to a contraption that shocks the power out of him, and transfers it into the dumb-dumb savior. Jesse believes this mission is all for naught when Humperdoo explodes in a shower of guts and blood, once Genesis enters his body. Little does Jesse know the Allfather has a seemingly endless supply of clones to use as lab rats.

In order to keep Genesis where they want it, the Humperdoo clones are injected with a DNA combo that like Genesis, is borne of both good and evil. Try after try fails, until the combination of Thomas Jefferson and Wayne Brady -– the Tom/Brady –- works. That clone is immediately killed, and the real Humperdoo is prepared to receive Genesis.

All the while, Jesse and Starr are trying to find a way to make a move on the Allfather before he makes his move. Jesse has a pistol in his jacket pocket but has no way to get to it. Starr is neutralized by being sent after beignets by the Allfather. The human race appears doomed.

Thoughts and Impressions

So much for going light on the gore this season.

In actuality, throttling back on the shocking scenes this season really helped the assembly line of exploding saviors land. Rather than simply being this week’s shocking moment, it packed a little more punch.

This episode was filled with a lot of fun little moments. It wasn’t as dense as say a Westworld or Legion, but it has been nice to see the pace pick up, and early season setup paying off.

Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are each in a pretty deep mess. How they get out of those predicaments and reunite before the season finale is anyone’s guess.

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