From Bake Off to Just Plain Off … ing, Mel and Sue Are Going Really Dark

It would appear that beloved Bake Off banterers and punny wordsmiths extraordinaire Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have a dark side. We might have spied a clue during the course of their largely calm and delightful hosting gig …

Still, I don’t think anyone would have predicted this turn in the twosome’s tale.

Grab a comforting cuppa — maybe add a shot of something — and grab a chair, because I’m pretty sure you’re not prepared for this news. From that nurturing, warm and yeasty tent tucked away in the English countryside, our favorite tasting pair are headed on a road trip in a “scruffy van”, from which they’ll conduct their new sort of sordid business — as contract killers.

I know, it’s kind of shocking, right? That said, Hitmen will be a comedy, and Mel and Sue are playing goofy, inept killers, Jamie and Fran, who’re consistently messing up on the job — and by that I mean, probably not murdering anyone.

Perhaps they should have brought in someone a little tougher for the team …

… then again, Paul isn’t all that funny, so good on you, casting people.

Written by Joe Parham (The Festival, The Amazing World of Gumball, Siblings) and Joe Markham (The Amazing World of Gumball), Hitmen‘s hapless hatchet-women are headed to their new home on Sky One with glee, as evidenced by the stars’ statements:

It’s thirty years ago that I met Sue Perkins, and we had happy times together playing ridiculous characters, then spent hours in a fetid van in order to release them around the country. Essentially nothing has changed in the Mel/Sue collective. And that’s a great comfort.” [Mel Giedroyc]

I’m delighted to be part of this project, I can’t wait to sit for months on end in a hot van with my old, flatulent, double act partner.” [Sue Perkins]

With Paul carrying on the Bake Off torch quite nicely, and Mary off judging Britain’s Best Home Cook (Not too busy for cameos are you, Paul and Mary?), it was high time Mel and Sue found their greener pastures. We’re just glad they’re still together.


Cindy Davis

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