I Drink and I Know Things: Peter Dinklage Sure Makes It Sound Like Tyrion Lannister Is Going to …

***Spoiler Warning:  Possible Spoilers for Game of Thrones, up to and including Season 8 follow. Spoilers***

Is it time to pour one out for Tyrion Lannister?

Remember how HBO programming president, Casey Bloys mentioned that Game of Thrones’ final season is going to be a bloodbath, with characters one by one, “falling to their deaths”?

I mean, this is a George R.R. Martin affair, so that’s no true surprise to any fan of his Ice and Fire books, or this series.

What might be a surprise however, is that in a recent interview, Peter Dinklage may have given away his (and perhaps another) character’s fate.

It’s always anticlimactic for the character’s last day. Nothing is shot chronologically, so you don’t get some big mountaintop scene or anything. It’s just, ‘That’s a wrap on Peter Dinklage.’ But as anticlimactic as it was, my last day was also beautifully bittersweet. A lot of people whom I love were on set that day. Even if they weren’t working, they came to set, which was beautiful … I feel very, very — I’m trying to find the right word. I think he was given a very good conclusion. No matter what that is — death can be a great way out.”

While the interviewer chose not to take the death comment literally, the fact that people came to watch his final scene combined with “That’s a wrap on Peter Dinklage” makes it sound as if Tyrion is a goner. It certainly doesn’t leave readers with a feeling of, “Oh hey, let’s go watch Tyrion inherit the Iron Throne” or “And then, Tyrion’s ship headed off to parts unknown …”

If Maggy’s prophecy proves proper, perhaps (the valonqar — little brother) Tyrion is wounded and dies in the process of killing his sister (Cersei Lannister).

However he goes — if he goes — Tyrion’s legacy will live forever; he’ll always be a god in our eyes …

… an unwitting dragon tamer,

and the show’s best dancer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dinklage dropped a hint at another possible passing; one that makes me a little fearful for our Arya.

I won’t say their name or their character’s name, but one of the young people on the show wrapped this past season and everybody was a wreck. This person had grown up on the show, you know? They were a child and now they were an adult. And then they’re done. It’s like we were witnessing this person saying good-bye to their childhood. I know Game of Thrones is just a TV show, la-di-da, but it was our life.”

This has to be one of the Stark kids, and because Bran is now the Three-Eyed Raven, I don’t see him as the likely candidate. In my eyes, Sansa is likely a lock for the Iron Throne, and everyone’s always talking about how Maisie Williams has grown up before our eyes (and she should have died more than a couple of times, now — especially in Braavos, where it still makes no sense she lived through the Waifinator’s vicious stabbing), so …

… consider that my prediction.

Do read the full interview.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO with its six-episode, eighth season in 2019.

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