I’m Not Here: It Might Take You a Minute to Recognize This Actress in Her Latest Role *Updated with the Chills-Inducing Destroyer Trailer

(Editor’s note:  This piece was originally published September 5, 2018.)

Ever stare at a photo knowing something in your brain recognizes the person you’re seeing, but it takes more than a few seconds to register who it is? That’s how I felt looking at these stills from director Karyn Kusama’s (Girlfight, The Invitation) upcoming film, Destroyer. We know this actress quite well, but she’s once again transformed herself, this time to play a broken former FBI agent — now a barely-there, alcoholic LAPD detective — on the trail of a killer who’s also someone from her past.

If you haven’t figured it out by now …

… that’s Nicole Kidman, with another actor, changed from his usual Marvel-ous appearance …

… as Bucky Barnes. Yup, it’s a trimmed and goateed, Sebastian Stan.

Kidman is already receiving rave reviews for her performance as Erin Bell, who as a young cadet went undercover to infiltrate a notorious California gang — an experience that left her devastated.

Destroyer also stars Toby Kebbell, Tatiana Maslany, Scoot McNairy, and Bradley Whitford. It premiered at the 2018 Telluride Film Festival, and hits theaters December 25th.

*Updated October 17, 2018

Here’s the harrowing, emotional trailer.

Holy shit, this looks fantastic. Can’t wait. Pardon me while I watch that teaser several more times.


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