You Didn’t Tell Me What I Was Walking Into: Keira Knightly and Alexander Skarsgård Are Irresistible in The Aftermath Trailer

How are we supposed to resist this much beauty?

Wonky accent aside (we forgive your Swedish-ness), there is simply no way to deny the star power and aesthetic allure of two people such as Alexander Skarsgård and Keira Knightly, set against the stunning backdrop of wintry WWII Germany.

Of course, there is nothing beautiful about war, but in the hands of director James Kent (Testament of Youth, 11.22.63) and cinematographer Franz Lustig (How I Live Now, Don’t Come Knocking), we can’t help being swept away by this breathtaking teaser. Unfortunately, the whole story is basically played out in two-plus minutes, so it’s no surprise what happens when a British commander (Jason Clarke) brings his wife (Knightly) to the home of a German widower (Skarsgård), whose home they’ll share while Colonel Morgan sets about rebuilding the city. Have a gander:

Heck, even the post-war rubble looks pretty.

There’s only one person who doesn’t like the goings-on herein and honestly, he seems a bit of a self-indulgent sort …

… so let’s focus on the laws of attraction. One Keira Knightly,

plus one Alexander Skarsgård

inevitably equals BOOM!

I predict that combo will also draw many, many, many (that’s just math) people to theaters.

The Aftermath is based on the novel by Rhidian Brook, and also stars Alexander Scheer and Fionn O’Shea. Look for theaters emitting smoke, beginning April 26, 2019.

Cindy Davis

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