Arrow, ‘The Longbow Hunters’: Felicity Searches for Allies as a New Threat Surfaces

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 2, “The Longbow Hunters”

It’s not easy for a series to work around its lead rotting away in prison, and so far, Arrow is handling it better than most. Having a character with Felicity’s history helps that effort tremendously because like her or hate her, she’s been around from the beginning, and viewers are invested in her fate. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Going after Felicity and William was just an opening act for Diaz. He’s hired a group of high-tech mercenaries/assassins called The Longbow Hunters to steal components for a superweapon. Felicity is under ARGUS protection, and is pretty clear about her intention to take down Diaz. Unfortunately, Felicity comes into conflict with ARGUS, because it has more than Diaz on its plate, and can’t throw one hundred percent of its resources behind tracking him down.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Until he launches his plan to escape or win his release from jail, Ollie is secondary to the effort to capture Diaz. His story involves his efforts to earn the trust of the gang of inmates that has been harassing him. His first task for them is to get rid of a squeaky clean guard who is a thorn in everyone’s sides. The prisoners want Ollie to just stab the dude and be done with it, but that’s not the way Ollie does things. In the end, Ollie uses some sleight of hand to make it look like the guard shanks him during a confrontation, which solves the problem, and the only one who gets hurt is Ollie.

On the island of the future: Future William and Roy are chilling on the island, trying to figure out why William is there in the first place. The totem Felicity gave William is hollow and had a chip inside that led him to the island and specifically, to a spot with a cache of Ollie’s old gear. The old bow they find has a note wadded up in a secret compartment. Roy reads and burns the note without showing William, which leads William to chase Roy through the woods.

Sex and the Olicity: They were busy doing their own things, so no time for love, Dr. Jones.

What about the action: The Longbow Hunters use various high tech devices to get their missions accomplished. There were two big action pieces this episode. One was a foiling a big train heist that Diaz was directly involved with, and the other was Black Siren and Temporary Canary exploring a Diaz hideout, and encountering a Longbow Hunter who is protected from sonic attack. The first bit was designed to test Felicity’s promise to follow ARGUS’ lead while capturing Diaz. She makes the right call from a mission objectives standpoint, but the choice let Diaz get away, which is the last straw of the brief Felicity-ARGUS partnership. The second bit was to demonstrate how pervasive The Longbow Hunters are, and see how Quentin Lance’s death has changed Black Siren. Not-Laurel even apologies to Dinah for killing Vinny last season, but it’s tough to tell how much is real and how much is bollocks, because Laurels from any universe are the worst.

What’s next: With ARGUS not bending to her drive to take down Diaz, Felicity is turning to an ally that will: The FBI.

Last impressions: This episode nearly made me regret my endorsement of Mama Bear Felicity. She acted impulsively, and showed that she was willing to be a team player — so long as she is the one running the team. A conversation with Diggle, and making the right choice between letting Diaz go without the weapon of mass destruction, or risking it all on the shot to capture him set Felicity onto a better path. I’d figure, with a team working on nothing but capturing Diaz, Felicity will be better off. No sign of New Arrow this week, and only a couple of mentions of him. Overall, this was an entertaining episode. There was enough going on that not one plot segment wore its welcome out (though they did lay the Laurel redemption stuff on a little thick). However, the show feels like it’s walking a precarious edge by splitting the characters up the way they have. It could work out fine, or a misstep could send the whole thing crashing down.

Craig Wack

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