Arrow, ‘Crossing Lines’: The Hunt For Diaz Takes Center Stage

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 3, “Crossing Lines”

Arrow is certainly trying to get its money’s worth out of Diaz. He’s as good a reason as any to introduce The Longbow Hunters, and present a danger to the broken pieces of Team Arrow. The writers are going to pretty good lengths to keep Diaz relevant, because how else to explain his sudden aptitude in biochemistry? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  Mama Bear Felicity finishes her pitch to the FBI’s Agent Watson, who manages to resist a number of impassioned pleas about Felicity’s husband rotting in jail, and her son shipped away for his own protection. Watson starts to come around to Felicity’s way of thinking when her FBI superiors equate Diaz’s dormancy as a decrease in his threat level, and pulls resources into other areas. When Felicity figures out Diaz’s next move, she gathers Watson, Rene and Dinah to set and spring a trap for him.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Ollie is trying to get to Diaz’s guy in prison. Ollie’s new frenemy, Brick teases that someone called the Demon is calling the shots from a different part of the prison, but if Ollie shows up at a particular spot he’ll help locate the source. Of course, it’s a setup that Oliver quickly sniffs out. That leads to a fight club, and Brick telling Ollie only the worst of the worst are on the level the Demon is on — so Ollie starts beating and pounding guards in order to secure the transfer he needs.

On the island of the future: No update from Future William and Roy this week. The third plot of the episode revolved around Diggle and Lilah going on an operation in Zurich together, then Diggle finding out Lilah is keeping a secret from him. It ends up there’s some dirty business inside ARGUS and against all odds, Lilah is going to smoke it out.

Sex and the Olicity: Same as last week, love is on hold in the land of Olicity.

What about the action: There were a couple of prison fights with Oliver that were okay. The most interesting action piece was a simultaneous three-prong fight when Watson, Rene, and Dinah were each paired off with a different Longbow Hunter. The best of that lot was was the fight involving Silencer, as when they cut to that particular battle, the audio was muffled. The sting was a failure. Diaz got away with what he was looking for, and Watson got demoted to fetching coffee in D.C. It wasn’t all bad; Felicity and Rene have their very own pet Longbow Hunter now.

What’s next: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Are you prepared for a Felicity-Black Siren team-up?

Last impressions: This was another solid episode. It wasn’t spectacular. A month from now, there won’t be anything that will be particularly special about this episode. If the series has to center around Diaz, the writers are doing a solid job of keeping things interesting. Compared to similar episodes from recent seasons, Arrow is slightly ahead of the curve.

Craig Wack

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