Supergirl, ‘Ahimsa’: With Monsters Loose, Politics Fade to the Background

Supergirl, Season 4, Episode 4 “Ahimsa”

Supergirl left the politics to the campaign ads running wall-to-wall during the commercial breaks. Instead, with Kara in her Power Ranger cosplay, this was more of a monster-of-the-week episode, though it did do its fair share to move a lot of plot. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Supergirl:

What’s the scoop: Alex took front and center this hour. Her time as the lead of the DEO has not gone well. A few agents have defected to help the Graves siblings, Kara has to wear protective armor because the atmosphere is toxic to her, and the alien crisis has hit a fever pitch. Even the new president is on her case. Alex and J’onn meet in a conference room and discuss their own crises of confidence. Luckily for Alex, being director of the DEO means a chance to prove yourself a capable leader is just around the corner.

Meanwhile in B-plot Land: J’onn is having a metaphysical crisis of his own. He wants to walk the path of the righteous man, like he thinks his father wanted, but his desire to stay out of the fight nearly cost Kara her life. At every turn, J’onn is frustrated and angry, which leads him to be … frustrated because he’s angry. Enter Manchester Black, who is the alien Fiona’s fiancé. Evidently Fiona wasn’t killed in the premiere, and Manchester is looking for her. J’onn has been trying to find her too, so they team up, hoping for some relative peace of mind.

Meet Me on the Balcony: We got quality balcony time with Jimmy and intern Nia, who seems to learning work habits from Kara, as she is often shown in the office — but not being productive. She warns Jimmy that taking up the mantle as Guardian could lead him into jail. Jimmy counters that heroes take action in the face of personal risk, and that he has a good lawyer.

What about the action:  There were two major battles this week. The first was a melee in a police station against a duplicating alien freed by the Graves siblings. Kara joins the fray, but is ineffective, as her suit’s systems are working overtime keeping her alive. The quarter-strength Kara is overwhelmed, and it nearly sends Alex over the edge. During this battle, J’onn and Manchester discover Fiona is being controlled by Lockwood and the Graves via an alien parasite. This leads to a big confrontation at the fair. Lena and Brainy have quickly found a solution (nanites, they fix everything), but it’s going to take time to de-toxify the air. Despite Kara not being full strength, Alex enlists her help, because heroes take action in the face of personal risk (and have good lawyers). There’s a fight involving the destruction of pies and in the end, the air is back to its normal levels of pollution, Fiona dies in Manchester’s arms, and the Graves siblings are taken off the board by one of the aliens they released and mind-controlled.

What’s next:  You want villains? We’ve got them in bulk. Lockwood is already around. Now we are going to get classic Superman rogue, Parasite; Manchester, who is DC’s answer to The Punisher, and let’s not forget Russian Kara.

Last impressions:  It appears that Supergirl is breaking with Berlanti-verse tradition and is at least for now, eschewing the slow play. The whole Kryptonite in the atmosphere did not feel like a one-episode issue but it was wrapped up, all tidy. Lockwood lost his two biggest allies, and he’s marching along without missing a stride. Supergirl has a lot of moving parts right now, and that like the exo-suit this week, may be by design. The more that’s going on, the less Kara has to carry the story load, which is convenient when that actor is needed on two sets. As long as things don’t get too messy, that should get us through to the crossover next month.

Craig Wack

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