Arrow, ‘Level Two’: Felicity’s Desperation Leads to Laurel’s Door

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 4, “Level Two”

The Mamma Bear attitude Felicity showed earlier in the season has given way to a determined desperation. She’s focused on eliminating Diaz from her life, thus saving William, Oliver and herself in the process.  Here’s everything you need to know about the latest episode of Arrow:

What’s the scoop:  There are co-plots this week that I’m sure will be related. First, is Felicity’s continuing saga. She’s ready to cross the line of torture to get what she needs out of her captive Silencer. Even for Rene, torture is a bridge too far and he says peace out, and joins the other story. That leads Felicity to seek help from Not-Laurel, who is busy not-lawyering in the D.A.’s office. Laurel puts in her nose ring and goes to work on Silencer, but to no avail. Felicity reconsiders torture, but Laurel reminds her that Diaz is all about the long game and Felicity needs to play to her strengths; think her way to a solution, rather than use violence. Felicity seemingly makes a mistake and lets Silencer escape, but she managed to put a tracking chip in Silencer’s belt. Now Team FeLaurel is on Diaz’s trail. The other plot is fairly by the numbers. An arson for hire ring is torching buildings in The Glades. Rene wants to enlist the help of Mystery Arrow in tracking down the culprit; to regain the city’s confidence, Dinah wants the police to be seen doing this. After a brief falling out and some help from Diggle, Dinah and Rene team up to thwart the arsonist. Mystery Arrow also pitches in, and Dinah lets him/her escape.

Meanwhile in B-plot land: Ollie has made it to Level 2 of the prison where he’s being tortured in various ways by the lead psychologist. Ollie relives that fateful time on the life raft that changed the course of his life forever. I think the show wants us to think the good doctor has successfully broken Ollie’s spirit … I’m not so sure. Ollie has endured worse, so it feels like he is giving the good doctor the answers he wants to hear, so Ollie can see how deep the Level 2 rabbit hole goes.

On the island of the future: Evidently, William and Roy spent the last two weeks traveling from Lian Yu to Star City, which has become a post-apocalyptic nightmare. The talisman’s chip leads the pair to the husk of Felicity’s company HQ. They come to learn that Dinah is now the Arrow (she also has a scar on her neck hinting that she can’t canary cry any more) and Zoe, Rene’s daughter, is Future Canary. The Glades has now become a walled off city unto itself, and there’s a bit of a civil war going on. And, oh yeah, Felicity is “dead.”

Sex and the Olicity: Three straight episodes of no makeouts or tie-straightening. Instead, we’ll mention that Legends of Tomorrow‘s mascot/savior/running gag, Beebo has made cameo appearances on both Supergirl and Arrow this week.

What about the action: Not much in the way of big battles this week. Dinah does have to kick the tar out of the arsonist, and the big stunt of the show was when Mystery Arrow pulled a fire system pipe off the wall to help contain a fire, and crashed through some scaffolding.

What’s next: The hunt for Diaz continues.

Last impressions: Arrow isn’t exactly burning through plot at the moment, but there are enough smaller storylines going on that we don’t really notice. It’s a far cry from the days when all characters were focused on one antagonist, and everybody stooped what they were doing when the big bad took time off to go on a cruise or something. I don’t know whether to golf clap or roll my eyes at the writers’ choice of channeling the long-coming Laurel redemption arc through Felicity. Overall, this episode falls in line with the rest of the season so far: solid but not spectacular. That is one hundred percent a complement; this show could have very well taken a turn for the uninteresting while it was stalling during crossover filming.

Craig Wack

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